A warm-hearted message among so much "nucking futs" in this world:


Life is about living from the heart and realizing a connection with all life (empathic, moral). When that is the case, appropriate behavior comes naturally. For all those living in their heads, written instructions (ethics) are needed which, as we can see, results in ideological & political friction and conflict ...

If there's to be a hope of a future for our species, a internal shift is required.

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Unreal Engine 5 Hits Early Access, Linux Still Supported - Games Resolution Will Be Looking Really Realistic

Epic Games today pushed Unreal Engine 5 out to early access. Like with UE4, Unreal Engine 5 continues offering native Linux support and allowing use of the Vulkan API. Unreal Engine 5 is not yet considered production ready but is available in this early form for anxious developers wishing to begin experimenting with this next-generation game engine.
Just watch the interview video and demo at the linked article below to see how incredibly realistic games will be able to look once this is incorporated into modern games. It takes my breath away.
See Unreal Engine 5 Hits Early Access, Linux Still Supported - Phoronix
#technology #gaming #linux

phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new squeet.me/objects/962c3e10cf78

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1. Maintenir l’humanité en dessous de 500 000 000 individus en perpétuel équilibre avec la nature.
2. Guider la reproduction intelligemment en améliorant la forme physique et la diversité.
3. Unir l’humanité avec une nouvelle langue mondiale.
4. Traiter de la passion, la foi, la tradition et toutes les autres choses avec modération.
5. Protéger les personnes et les nations avec des lois et des tribunaux équitables.


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6. Laisser toutes les nations régler leurs problèmes externes et internes devant un tribunal mondial.
7. Éviter les lois et les fonctionnaires inutiles.
8. Équilibrer les droits personnels et les devoirs sociaux.
9. Faire primer la vérité, la beauté, l’amour en recherchant l’harmonie avec l’infini.
10. Ne pas être un cancer sur la terre, laisser une place à la nature.


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Qualcomm modem vulnerability has been patched, but millions of Android phones are at risk due to OEMs not rolling out updates

The news comes from Israeli security firm Check Point in a new report. The security firm says hackers could use the flaw to read your text messages, listen to your phone conversations and in some cases even unlock your SIM card. Qualcomm told Tom's Guide that it has released a fix for the flaw to handset makers, but it may still be some time before many handset makers push the fix out to most users' phones.
This highlights the issue again around the need for more regular and uniform security patching and updating across the different Android brands, and especially for it to be happing over a few years as this vulnerability dates back to phones from 1990. I was attracted to Android originally because of the freedoms of choice that manufacturers could offer, then I moved to Pixel phones because I was worried about not getting patches quickly enough, and then I ditched Android for iOS mainly because patches and updates roll out quickly for 7+ years. squeet.me/objects/962c3e10b9a0

Have a feeling that human potential lies mostly untapped, esp. after watching this film on Amazon Prime in addition to my own experience 🖖 :


Working with one's own subtle energy ...

The world is inundated with an overabundance of data and information but runs quite shy on wisdom.

One may know a tree by its fruit: now look at humanity from the outside in ...

The most benevolent way I can think of to make the world a better place and possibly return it to its former pristine state, is to learn to live from the heart, not from the head as doctrines and ideologies would dictate.


Fighting the system is unwise because that in turn feeds the system we're wanting to change.
Instead, transcend the system and make it obsolete.
In practice, to me, this means not to buy into politics, don't support planned obsolescence, determine one's own values and raison d'etre and build that life yet with integrity, compassion, vision ... I'm writing off the top of my head - wasn't planning on getting this philosophical 😋 🖖 💗

Hope is still in our heads - the heart instead just simply acts - be light - share light - spread light

The challenge: how do we illuminate human awareness to the order of achieving "critial mass"* [population] ~
*so many people live from an inner place of the heart that the rest of the population vis a vis social impetus aligns itself to do the same 🤔 👽 ☸️ 💓 😜 😍

@sb_51_ What kind of species devides against itself, to compete even war AND destroy its only habitat with pollution AND promote ideologies that perpetuate the same!?

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Building a biz and setting up a store online is not so difficult, but getting the word out that one exists without getting on people's nerves with advertising in a landscape of too much information, that's my big challenge right now ... I've never been one to be loud and obnoxious to toot my horn out there ~

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Android 11 Custom ROM List – Unofficially Update Your Android Phone Because Even The Old Samsung Galaxy S III Can Get The Latest Updates!

It's just not true at all that most older phones cannot be updated regularly to the latest versions of Android. Manufacturers choose not to support those devices as they want to sell a new phone to you.
But 3rd party custom ROMs do exist for older phones and often give you the choice of whether to install the Google apps or not. Apart from getting the latest features (hardware permitting) and patches, these ROMs are often include extra features that you don't see in standard Android, and you also usually have a more privacy orientated OS.
The downside is you usually have to do a manual flashing the first time, but after that most ROMs will auto update just like standard Android does.
The site below lists the phones that can install these custom ROMs.
See Android 11 Custom ROM List - Unofficially Update Your Android Phone!

xda-developers.com/android-11- squeet.me/objects/962c3e10f588

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M109 is a barred spiral galaxy located about 83 million light years away in the constellation of Ursa Major. The majority of spiral galaxies have bars, which are thought to be density waves radiating from the core. Bars are thought to be transient phenomenon.

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