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Here's an idea: if you don't understand someone's lifestyle, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone shut the fuck up about it and don't hate them for it. The world would be a better place if we all followed that simple rule. Leave well enough alone and let people do what they want.

Stood waiting for the kettle to boil for 10 min before realizing I hadn't turned it on yet.
Going to be one of THOSE mornings.

One of these days, I expect cppcheck to return a message: "Are you sure this is the right career for you?"

I really, truly, cannot wait until this whole blockchain fad is over. Yes, it's cool, but Not Fucking Everything needs to run on blockchain. It's a fucking high-tech ledger.

i hate all code written by other people, especially the worst person of them all, Me From The Past

I wish for one week, hell, even one day, of feeling like I did at any point in my 20s.

Why do they even call them flea markets I've never seen fleas for sale

Making my own sweetened condensed milk, because I forgot to buy some today, and I'm WAY too stubborn to go back to the store for one thing.
But I need some for Vietnamese coffee.
So here I am, watching a pot of milk simmer for an hour or so.

Pretty sure this isn't winning.

Because why shouldn't my display name use an ancient, obsolete alphabet?

᚛ᚚᚑᚌ ᚋᚑ ᚈᚆᚑᚔᚅ᚜

@LeoKnepper We are wizards! We write scripts in arcane languages that then come to life and do our bidding a million times over. There is no other profession like it.

Today's insanity:
Another team: we're getting poor performance to your systems, how long will the outage will be to cluster X.
Us: We retired that cluster three months ago.
Them: Oh yeah, that's how long this has been going on. Why didn't you warn us?
Us: First, we shut the cluster down three months before actually retiring it, so anyone who had a problem would notice, and could tell us about it. Second, we sent out a company-wide email telling everyone we were doing it.


So, ThinkGeek has done their annual April Fools products, and it's pretty much the usual lineup. A couple are lame. A couple are hilarious. And I'm betting the Klingon Alphabet fridge magnets will eventually actually happen.

"where's my flying car?!?!"

"it's called a plane"

"that isn't the same!"

"well you can get a pilot's license and charter a plane"

"I should be able to drive one on a driver's license, except maybe with some competency test"

"you reinvented the pilot's license from first principles"

When I was younger, I would do work software projects into the wee hours, every day.

As I got older, I started having more respect for my own time. And I learned that code done after working long hours was generally of lower quality. (Buggy as hell.) So I mostly work my 8-9 hours, then knock off, unless there's an active prod issue.

But still, now and again, some problem or task will stick in my head, and I have to keep going until I solve it.

In a "normal" mood today?

Now Playing: Dropkick Murphys

I am NOT a minion of evil.

I'm upper management.

'A Mathematical Model for the Sounds Produced by Knuckle Cracking'

Partial! Cavitation!


A senior developer not checking a one-off SQL update for a WHERE clause is inexcusable. I shouldn't have to worry that *you're* gonna hose a whole table while getting ready to go home.

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