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On the list of things that will never happen again:

We lost power for a few minutes today, which of course means clocks to reset.
The power came back on just a couple seconds after noon.
Which means all the clocks were right.


On the one hand, it's not like he had much other choice.
On the other hand, seriously, that is fucking metal as hell.

The difference between flavored tea and flavored coffee:
Flavored teas smell very nice, and taste pretty much like they smell.
Flavored coffees smell great, and taste like unwashed ass.

stupid thing my brother plans to do 

@Elizafox Ah, stoner logic. When your facepalm can lead to a concussion.

if you expect a process to fail, and it does...

Was that a failure, or a success?

food I see no problems with this.
Hot coffee, cold sammiches, ice cream
Staple foods in my house.

I got distracted three times while making coffee.

This is not going to be a good day for tasks requiring

Hey, my dog brought me his toy!

Ribs on the smoker.
Beans and chiles in the pot.
Rocking to Delain, Epica, Xandria
Working in the shop.

Pretty decent weekend, really.

@troubleMoney Saves the environment, saves money, and yeah, punk as fuck.
The only pisser is that cheap stuff is rarely easily repairable. High-quality stuff is more easily fixed. And a few of the old-guard companies still make things that are *designed* to be repaired. I make it a point to buy new things from those companies.

@Elizafox Dunno, you seem more like the hand-grenade type.
Just toss you into a crowd and watch the fireworks.

@Elizafox This, just fucking, this.

There are things about other people's choices, preferences, etc I often just don't get. But it either doesn't affect me in any meaningful way, or is just plain none of my business.

So, hey, you do you, and I really, honestly, hope everything is cool for you.

Here's an idea: if you don't understand someone's lifestyle, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone shut the fuck up about it and don't hate them for it. The world would be a better place if we all followed that simple rule. Leave well enough alone and let people do what they want.

Stood waiting for the kettle to boil for 10 min before realizing I hadn't turned it on yet.
Going to be one of THOSE mornings.

disability whine 

@Elizafox Years ago I worked as an independent contractor/programmer. It was definitely good for odd hours, which I needed at the time.
The part nobody mentions though, is that you have to spend a lot of time selling your services to *find* work vs. doing the work. Something most programmers aren't all that good at.

disability whine 

I'd be very tempted to tell them I'm from another planet that has a different rotational period.
Maybe it's true?

One of these days, I expect cppcheck to return a message: "Are you sure this is the right career for you?"

I really, truly, cannot wait until this whole blockchain fad is over. Yes, it's cool, but Not Fucking Everything needs to run on blockchain. It's a fucking high-tech ledger.

@Elizafox I do remember that, but there was one other significant player at the time.
ASP (Active Server Pages) by Microsoft. Made php sites look golden in comparison.

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