Part of the fun of collecting old cookbooks is the advertisements in them. This one is from 1875. I'm using it for my phone wallpaper.

How to practice safe computing. A thumb drive with a bottle opener. You have to eject the thumb drive before you can open your beer. 😂🍺

I'm of an age (old) where I not only don't think of taking pics all the time, I have to actually remember I *have* a camera with me.
So selfies are not exactly spontaneous for me.
Me today, working.

Meet the newest member of the Greyhound adoption group I work with. She's half Greyhound, half Borzoi, and estimated to be 2-1/2 to 3 years old. She's just an absolute sweetheart, and so SOFT!
Tentatively, she's been named Freyja.

Spent the last few hours working in the garden, re-trellising tomatoes and eggplant, weeding, etc.
The onions are in full bloom, and are quite pretty.

My emergency backup coffee system.
This is a biggin. The coffee goes in a filter in the small basket, then the second strainer is placed over that. Pour the nearly boiling water in the top strainer and cover. Invented in the very late 18th Century in France, it was still common in cajun country until a couple decades ago. This pot is probably mid 20th century. Makes a strong, but not bitter cup.

And now the coffee rolls are done.
Plain white bread dough, during the kneading, add a small amount of butter, and some sugar. At the end, add currents. Shape into balls, dip the tops in melted butter, and let rise a short time before baking.

This is Diva, she keeps me from having to spend all day in my comfy chair. She's very selfless that way.

I know these had to have started out as something for gag gifts. They taste just like regular jellybeans for the first 5 seconds or so, then heat.
But I'm also pretty sure the folks in the Southwest just popped a few and said, eh, they're tasty with a nice finish. So now they just market them to us to send to our Eastern families.
I've lived here long enough that I can just eat handfuls of them. 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Today's bread 🍞
Round loaf is rye, first time I used a proofing basket. Worked well, but probably need a larger one.
Long loaves are white, a mix of bread flour and soft winter wheat.


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