Honest to fucking god.

If I call you because my server is down. And you are unable to fix it right away, and possibly might not be able to fix it at all....

When the call ends, don't tell me to have a wonderful day. 😡


I have a bottle of Fernet Branca for making certain cocktails I'm fond of. Like other bitters, it has a history of also being sipped straight as a "digestive".
But, I dunno. I enjoy sipping vermouth, especially Carpana Antiqua, and Punt e Mes, and I love a Campari and soda...

But drinking Fernet straight has got to take some getting used to, 'cause it's like drinking a super-mentholated cough drop.
After working with pleroma running on my own server, it looks like this is going to work for me. So I will be gradually transitioning away from my mastodon.xyz account.
I want to create an anti-follow bot.

The only thing it will do is toot every hour:

"I'm not following you! Neener neener!"
My little pleroma instance has hit the big time!

A federation bot is following me 🙄
Random thought:

Something that was very common when I was young, that is never heard anymore.

"Excuse me, can you tell me what time it is?"

Death and screwed up family 

Dealing with a death in my wife's family, and it's... weird. People express condolences, but this is a SERIOUSLY dysfunctional family that we have been estranged from for years.

They lie, they cheat, they steal. Most have done prison time. More than one went BROKE dealing/running drugs.

And in this case, pretty sure this was suicide if not murder/suicide. I'm mostly pissed because they killed the pets too.

Just weird and stressful dealing with this.

Pleroma admins:
pleroma is running on *:4000 with apache proxying to it via
Is there a way to configure pleroma to only listen on Or will I need to just iptable that?

So, in all, I'm finding Pleroma pretty easy to deal with.
The install wasn't horrific, and was probably more involved than most because of running CentOS/Apache rather than Debian/nginx. Part of that ended up with me running certbot in full-out manual mode. Still, I've dealt with FAR worse.
The only oddity I'm dealing with right now is attempting to follow someone from Subway Tooter results in a 500 error from my pleroma server, where doing it via the web UI works fine.

Installed a pleroma instance to play with. It's always fun when the system you are installing on is not the "ideal".
I just seem to like tilting at non-standard windmills.

They told me I had to quit using Pleroma because I think IPA's are nasty and I don't think USB dongle jokes are funny smh

Dear parents,

Just because your child is smiling at their phone doesn't mean they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe they're just looking at some really nicely formatted ANSI C code

A good thing about working from home:
I can put together a long-cooking dinner at lunchtime, and let it cook until dinner.

A bad part about working from home:
I then smell dinner cooking all day while I'm trying to work.

I'm so hungry.....

On the list of things that will never happen again:

We lost power for a few minutes today, which of course means clocks to reset.
The power came back on just a couple seconds after noon.
Which means all the clocks were right.


The difference between flavored tea and flavored coffee:
Flavored teas smell very nice, and taste pretty much like they smell.
Flavored coffees smell great, and taste like unwashed ass.

if you expect a process to fail, and it does...

Was that a failure, or a success?

I got distracted three times while making coffee.

This is not going to be a good day for tasks requiring

Hey, my dog brought me his toy!

Ribs on the smoker.
Beans and chiles in the pot.
Rocking to Delain, Epica, Xandria
Working in the shop.

Pretty decent weekend, really.

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