Record sales: the previous owner of “a classic moog experience the sound of criss cross” replaced the missing inner sleeve with dot matrix printer paper. Seems appropriate.

This custom ROM card has arrived from Pharmasonic which turns a Yamaha RX5 drum machine into a 12 bit sampler. SO EXCITED.

The joys of owning music after years of leasing it month by month.

Mac Screen of Death. Brought to you by some extreme indexing in the most recent update. Reducing Spotlight's continuous crawling of my laptop saved me from four of these in a row. blocks web trackers on MacOS and iPhone. There are some surprising trackers covered, including jQuery and JSON IP.

If you select the first one, terms can be accepted. To get around, you have to ignore the unchecked boxes, ignore the separated analytics permissions next screen, and then you can create a Firebase without granting the world analyse rights to your data. Deceptive, Firebase.


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