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Have you considered..... just going back to selling plain JPG banner ads with no Javascript in them?

Cos I didn't use an ad blocker back when that was the deal.

Fans of Artificial Intelligence vol 2, from Warp Records in 1994:

Who knew an original mix of Mark Franklin's Release To The System existed! It's a thing of beauty.

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Maybe the flagship feature of the next iPhone should be “no offline storage”.

Not feeling great about Customs being able to go through my family photos, “file by file”.

(I'm desperately hoping this is a setting)

The link can be followed by anyone (not just the original recipient - there's no one time token or anything to restrict access).

Well that's a change. When you send photos by Messages on iPhone now it creates a publicly accessible iCloud page for the photos with an expiry date a month later.

A massively under-rated New Zealand album, the one off self-titled release from Smith and Thomas in 2010

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@funkwhale are you also thinking about Bandcamp-type uses? That would work incredibly in a federated music app, in my opinion, and it helps make the licensing status of the music clear.

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💙 Better for iOS 12 is now available on the App Store.

We’ve made the app simpler, easier to use, and just as effective as before.

We’ve also made the app more affordable at $0.99, £0.99, €1.09 because we want more folks to be protected on the web.

Selected Insomniac Works: a playlist of ambient music for the 350th weekly Disquiet Junto project. Very quiet music for very late at night for very fragile psyches.

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The joys of owning music after years of leasing it month by month.

A techno-enabling parent is something to be.

Mac Screen of Death. Brought to you by some extreme indexing in the most recent update. Reducing Spotlight's continuous crawling of my laptop saved me from four of these in a row.

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Hey people, I've been noticing the number of posts with alt text going down. It might be because of all the new users who haven't learned about the feature yet, so for them and everyone:

yall should use alt text when uploading images! what are they??? hover over the images to find out! why are they good? the tldr of it is that visually impaired computer users exist and it helps them navigate the INFOBAHN better

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