I'm going to sell my entire eurorack synth set up.

@seanbonner I saw your IG. To me the process is the output for Eurorack but I definitely get what you mean. Every new module sends me into the abyss until i see where it fits in.

@Aimlow I get that, I just think I never really got to the point of figuring out how any of it fits in.

@seanbonner I think what helps me is getting occasional “wins” where something sounds cool and I record it and felt like I got somewhere. I haven’t been there in a while. Usually just reaching for the OP-1...

@seanbonner it’s definitely one of the coolest music-making things I’ve ever owned. To see it do stuff, check out RedMeansRecording on YouTube. His OP-1 stuff is super enlightening as to what the little beast can do. Some good IG accounts too (which i can post here if interested (or @ you on IG))

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