I got sick of trying to get a mastodon.social account so I guess I'll just keep this one. I'm also on counter.social and we just set up toot.crashspace.org - though this reflects a bit of what I was worried about last year. I don't want a hundred different Mastodon accounts, but I almost have to in order to cover all the bases that I want covered.

@seanbonner I read your piece and as somebody who's @firstname on birdsite (and many other places), I don't really mind that loss as much. I even think you can see it as a feature.

Similarly for the instance proliferation: I'm starting to think that both archives and unified identities actually have been social bugs all along. I think we should think of social media more as swiddening: work an area for as long as is opportune and then move on.


@alper yes, some people have said the same. I disagree.

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