I got sick of trying to get a mastodon.social account so I guess I'll just keep this one. I'm also on counter.social and we just set up toot.crashspace.org - though this reflects a bit of what I was worried about last year. I don't want a hundred different Mastodon accounts, but I almost have to in order to cover all the bases that I want covered.

@seanbonner yeah, although for some being able to have different accounts for different communities and identities is a _feature_ it does mean more to keep track of.

@carlyn I get the point and purpose and value of it, but someone could just as easily have two or three twitter accounts that follow different people, but this is forced due to the customized federations and will likely mean we’ll all need several if we like it or not. Like how we all have several emails, but not as easy to manage from one place.

@seanbonner There seems to be a run on people writing clients, we'll see if any do consolidation well!

@carlyn Yeah. It's a difficult thing, I can see how someone might consolidate reading, but any interaction is going to be a nightmare because of conflicting permissions which change all the time as one instance links or cuts off another...

@seanbonner You mean inbox anxiety coupled with clan wars doesn't sound fun to you? ;-)

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