I got sick of trying to get a account so I guess I'll just keep this one. I'm also on and we just set up - though this reflects a bit of what I was worried about last year. I don't want a hundred different Mastodon accounts, but I almost have to in order to cover all the bases that I want covered.

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Which region are you in? I had the same problem yesterday til I connected my VPN to an IP in Seattle. I realize this isn't from .social, but I have @theyeshman as well.

@theyeshman I travel a lot so I've tried from everywhere for over a year, it's always closed or I just miss the openings.

@thomasknoll I have many, but I use one and have a unified inbox so they can all be managed from one place. It's not the same for Mastodon.

@seanbonner seems like all the clients make you switch back and forth between accounts ATM, but in theory a client could be made that would let you bring them together, and select which account to post from.

@seanbonner but, depending on how much of an actual community your Local is, I can see the value in keeping the streams separate.

@thomasknoll not really, because each instance can choose which others to federate with or not so a combined feed would be almost impossible.

@seanbonner at the instance level, yes... but why couldn’t an app show data from multiple accounts. (Like TweetDeck does with birdsite

@thomasknoll it could show, but you couldn’t interact easily.

@seanbonner agreed, and it’s kind of the complexity i don’t feel like devoting any time to.

@seanbonner Because you want to participate in different local timelines?

@elplatt because not all instances federate with each other or take a long time to sync up or any number of other reasons.

@seanbonner Interesting. I wonder if there is any way to look at instance-to-instance latency.

@seanbonner yeah, although for some being able to have different accounts for different communities and identities is a _feature_ it does mean more to keep track of.

@carlyn I get the point and purpose and value of it, but someone could just as easily have two or three twitter accounts that follow different people, but this is forced due to the customized federations and will likely mean we’ll all need several if we like it or not. Like how we all have several emails, but not as easy to manage from one place.

@seanbonner There seems to be a run on people writing clients, we'll see if any do consolidation well!

@carlyn Yeah. It's a difficult thing, I can see how someone might consolidate reading, but any interaction is going to be a nightmare because of conflicting permissions which change all the time as one instance links or cuts off another...

@seanbonner You mean inbox anxiety coupled with clan wars doesn't sound fun to you? ;-)

@seanbonner I read your piece and as somebody who's @firstname on birdsite (and many other places), I don't really mind that loss as much. I even think you can see it as a feature.

Similarly for the instance proliferation: I'm starting to think that both archives and unified identities actually have been social bugs all along. I think we should think of social media more as swiddening: work an area for as long as is opportune and then move on.

@alper yes, some people have said the same. I disagree.

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