I'm going to sell my entire eurorack synth set up.

Having spent the last few days actively trying to use Mastodon on several different instances I can say the federated and local feeds are as bad if not worse than bird site was with anonymous accounts attacking people out of nowhere.

@seanbonner have you looked at whalebird (whalebird.org/) seems to have support for multiple accounts... not sure how it'll work in practice.

I'm unhappy with Canary which is the current email program I'm using on OSX. I need multiple accounts, and baked in PGP. I was using Airmail before, and it had problems with years of archives. Anyone have a better suggestion?

Still so psyched that my 8 year old son built his own Safecast bGeigie Nano from scratch all by himself the other day.

I finally got @seanbonner - though now what to do with @seanbonner and my other accounts...

I got sick of trying to get a mastodon.social account so I guess I'll just keep this one. I'm also on counter.social and we just set up toot.crashspace.org - though this reflects a bit of what I was worried about last year. I don't want a hundred different Mastodon accounts, but I almost have to in order to cover all the bases that I want covered.

Hey folks. I lost my 2FA set up and couldn't get in, but I'm back in now. Any friends using this?

Just saw someone opt in to a TSA body scanner.

Just got an out of the blue email from someone asking if I'd be open to open to receiving an introductory email from them.

357,362 accounts
+987 in the last hour
+20,182 in the last day
+211,123 in the last week
892 active instances

Heading into a double feature: Ghost In The Shell & Fate of the Furious!

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