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Sean Bonner

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@seanbonner have you looked at whalebird ( seems to have support for multiple accounts... not sure how it'll work in practice.

@BorisAnthony Where did you get those Hiragana flash cards?

I'm unhappy with Canary which is the current email program I'm using on OSX. I need multiple accounts, and baked in PGP. I was using Airmail before, and it had problems with years of archives. Anyone have a better suggestion?

Still so psyched that my 8 year old son built his own Safecast bGeigie Nano from scratch all by himself the other day.

I finally got @seanbonner - though now what to do with @seanbonner and my other accounts...

I got sick of trying to get a account so I guess I'll just keep this one. I'm also on and we just set up - though this reflects a bit of what I was worried about last year. I don't want a hundred different Mastodon accounts, but I almost have to in order to cover all the bases that I want covered.

Hey folks. I lost my 2FA set up and couldn't get in, but I'm back in now. Any friends using this?

Just saw someone opt in to a TSA body scanner.

Jawbreaker reunion at riot fest holy shit

Just got an out of the blue email from someone asking if I'd be open to open to receiving an introductory email from them.

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Which Mastodon Instance is for PVP?

Heading into a double feature: Ghost In The Shell & Fate of the Furious!

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Some Japanese call Mastodon as "鱒丼",That means bowl of rice topped with trout sashimi.
It's because "鱒丼" is pronounced "masudon" and Japanese pronunciation is similar to Mastodon.

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I've listened to most of the Samiam discography today, I recommend you do the same.