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Sean Bonner

Just saw someone opt in to a TSA body scanner.

Jawbreaker reunion at riot fest holy shit

Just got an out of the blue email from someone asking if I'd be open to open to receiving an introductory email from them.

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Which Mastodon Instance is for PVP?

Heading into a double feature: Ghost In The Shell & Fate of the Furious!

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Some Japanese call Mastodon as "鱒丼",That means bowl of rice topped with trout sashimi.
It's because "鱒丼" is pronounced "masudon" and Japanese pronunciation is similar to Mastodon.

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I've listened to most of the Samiam discography today, I recommend you do the same.

I'm co-producing an event at MIT this month called "Our World, Our Data" with my non-profit Safecast. If you are around, you should join!

Now over 160,000 users on Mastodon, impressive. How are people finding interesting folks to follow? Not finding a lot of value in the Fed or Local timelines.

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@seanbonner RSS//ATOM

Add .ATOM to the end of your profile name to access your feed.

Testing cross posting from Mastodon to Twitter.

BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5wcIkHbsKg02iX CnI9hB9OS6hQnqv gbEThUoAj0TsAH8 QebjoCQ7xvSEpkQ 3jr74zp6DtwpKLb kizHNO9pBIqNjUi 3UsZl8KB2Y8DZx3 usZBY7RpJY91jD0 CI8PQVXqWhxeGfB sQNuqBAXUCA8YLB 6PD1p1jyXP04e5P b6lYkWvBsAQKimN 4eyqjfHgrizgoZP SPp4OQPhX9K1fEX MC6IvXqDtdVGuni qGazZZM7cqa5F88 XTsVlxdFvdBJEhz ezqOgVydYwTvrI7 RkVo56pzUGyDnnf CIfpNyMIzSba8s1 KnKN6. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.

How are people doing IFTTT scripts for cross tweeting and such? Don't see a channel on there to activate.

Sean Bonner boosted appears to be open for registrations again. Had a great experience so far on this instance, would recommend! :wink: