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@Gargron if you’re interested in having someone to advise on how social media gets used in disasters, emergencies and other incidents, I’d be happy to participate in your working group if that would be helpful.

@Gargron Love Mastodon so much, I decided to create a 5 minute video explaining it... Let me know what you think!

@Gargron As a person who listens on social media to help people during disasters, I'm sad to hear that. If that is true, I hope you would add instance server location to the instance database so that digital humanitarians can try to listen for people sharing disaster info, needs, requests for assistance, etc...

@Gargron @djsundog Perhaps try to think of it as telling the Mastodon story instead of thinking of it as a performance. Good luck - and thanks for your work πŸ™‚

This website is a tool for finding your Twitter friends in the federated Mastodon network.

As long as your friends have signed on here with both accounts, you can find them.

OK I know everyone is tired about the discussions on politics and all the other things so here have a #happy 🦊 picture and if you can please share it for the sake of everyone's psyche. We need things like that.

I just updated the iOS Mastodon app on my phone - great to be able to move easily from 1 instance to another now πŸ™‚thanks for your work @eurasierboy

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