@ldjb Agreed. Yes I think part of the charm of Mastodon is that it seems that you can find a β€œhome" instance (or several) that feels more like its own community, has its own rules and way of operating, yet still has connections to other instances and the community at large when that is desired. It’s great seeing the early days of growth. I hope to get involved as the platform develops, and will be happy to share feedback as we see how people use Mastodon during emergencies. :)

@ldjb. Thanks for helping w/ this. I work w/ volunteers, groups & agencies that do β€œsocial listening” on SM platforms to help identify needs, concerns, probs etc. during disasters/emergencies. I'm trying to learn how best to search & where to search on Mastodon so we’re ready when the need arises. It sounds like we’ll need to listen on multiple instances rather than having a single search. I’m sure some emergency toots will get boosted across instances though, so that will help.

@ldjb Thanks! That is very helpful info, much appreciated. I was hoping to find that if there was one instance that connected to all (or as many as possible) other instances, that you could then run a hashtag search that would produce results for all public posts with that hashtag on the federated timeline. From what you're saying, it sounds like that isn't possible at this time.

@rmdes@mastodon.indie.host Thanks - I’ll check that out - I’m also going to read back through all of the other Mastodon user guides, wikis and posts I’ve found to see what others have said about this. :)

Regarding Mastodon hashtag searches:

I’m writing a new Mastodon blog post and want to be sure that I understand hashtag searches - please.

It seems that since I'm running a search when logged into a specific instance, that the results of the search may differ between instances, since each instance chooses which other instances to connect to. (?)

Could someone tell me please if I have a correct understanding of this? Thanks.

@EuphoriaLavender @mastodontips Thanks! I wrote that post to encourage my emergency management and disaster-working friends would have a starting place. I've been searching/saving info, resources & tools, and there is so much already! There are so many enthusiastic people working on and posting about Mastodon, and the instance builders and users really seem to want to build a great place to be. I hope that I can contribute something useful here. :)

This plot is really interesting. It gives perspective on the fediverse, including GNU Social servers.
via radar.amberstone.digital/chart
#Mastodon #GNUSocial #Fediverse

Oh and one more thing - this is my pup, Ella. She’s about two years old, and likes to keep busy. mastodon.xyz/media/bmGm9uf8Yrm

For those interested, we’ve been organizing & discussing (Social Media in Emergency Management) on birdsite for 6+ years. We’ve also built systems for bringing together virtual teams of volunteers & we’ve been discussing that on the (Virtual Operations Support Teams) tag for many years also. The French tag for this concept is & there are already many MSGU folks here. (Bonjour MSGU friends!) We have a weekly birdsite chat on the tag at 12:30pm EST (4:30pm UTC).

Here’s a link (below) directly to the blog post mentioned above. I’’ve only been on Mastodon for a week and a half, but I’m really enjoying it and look forward to participating in this amazing, diverse, enthusiastic, funny and kind community. thinkdisaster.wordpress.com/20

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Hello tooters, nice to meet you, I’m Scott & I help people during disasters by β€œsocial listening” (on all SM platforms) & getting the info to people who can help. I work with professional emergency managers & disaster aid workers, as well as volunteer digital humanitarians around the world. I’m very interested & enthusiastic about . I’ve posted about it on my blog here: thinkdisaster.com
I’ve collected up all of the articles, posts, videos, resources & tools that I can find.

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