Hello tooters, nice to meet you, I’m Scott & I help people during disasters by “social listening” (on all SM platforms) & getting the info to people who can help. I work with professional emergency managers & disaster aid workers, as well as volunteer digital humanitarians around the world. I’m very interested & enthusiastic about . I’ve posted about it on my blog here:
I’ve collected up all of the articles, posts, videos, resources & tools that I can find.

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Here’s a link (below) directly to the blog post mentioned above. I’’ve only been on Mastodon for a week and a half, but I’m really enjoying it and look forward to participating in this amazing, diverse, enthusiastic, funny and kind community.

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Welcome, Scott! Thanks for doing such great work in the world!!!

@EuphoriaLavender @mastodontips Thanks! I wrote that post to encourage my emergency management and disaster-working friends would have a starting place. I've been searching/saving info, resources & tools, and there is so much already! There are so many enthusiastic people working on and posting about Mastodon, and the instance builders and users really seem to want to build a great place to be. I hope that I can contribute something useful here. :)

You seem like a person likely to contribute something useful wherever you are. The world needs more examples of such people. 😺

@sct_r sounds intersting but also taff.
If you work with ppl in #disaster, are you or collegues also into #mesh networking?
I have heard about some which where specificly build for disaster so informations can flow even when the infrastructure gets destroid.

Hi Scott! I'm Liza and I work at Arizona State. Myself and other folks also work with SM data & disaster, specifically around risk amplification, heat, and power outages. Your work sounds really interesting!

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