@sir >>> Adding HDCP support is handing a bottle of whiskey to an abusive husband.

Where as men, we can't hold but trash our own public image, how do you expect bosses and lobby groups to respect our opinion on tech ethics?

@scomulko this isn't about men, the analogy also works if it's an abusive wife. Don't get distracted, focus on the DRM problem.

@sir >>> the analogy also works if it's an abusive wife

No, it doesn't, and I think you know it on some level, just in denial of it, in denial of how society perceives the situation (after all, there are hardly any DV shelters for battered husbands, in spite of the grave need for such shelters). Women would correct you in no uncertain terms if you decide to take a dump on their sex that way, they would be quick to point out how you can't expect them to be taken seriously if they allow that.

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