Sorry I've been neglecting you Mastodon. I've neglected you less than diaspora or ello or any of those. I do hope to neglect you less, eventually.

FILTH. And anyway, that man's a fool, all motoperverts know that Harleys are infertile.

I saw a link headlined "How well do you know Marc Chagall?" Sounds a bit interrogative to me. "I don't know him at all, officer, I've seen his paintings but that's as far as it goes, I've never met the man or conspired to rob a post office with him."

In my youth I was fascinated by a photo of Wazmo Nariz, the man with two ties.

i saw a toot about it elsewhere but i can’t find it so: basically don’t trust mastodon for things you want to stay Actually Private. instance admins can read DMs, and instance admins can read the private posts of anyone their users follow. this is sort of inherent to the current architecture. and for all twitter’s sins, i trust the admins to not leak random people’s DMs more than i trust every instance admin ever.

Tooter's Block. Sounds like a poorly-regarded Captain Beefheart album.

Why hasn't anyone pointed out the fact that we could have had blue passports without leaving the EU?

오뚜기 진라면 _스피드 스케이팅 이승훈, 모태범 전자레인지 용기편 15" - YouTube

昭和50年の大丸 テレビショッピング マッサージ機 (1975) - YouTube

潜入!ドンペン探検隊第24弾 米屋のこだわり マジ旨い お米を食べようキャンペーン開催!! - YouTube

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