Okay users of , any suggestions of where to start with a FreeNAS server? I have one basic fbsd vm working fine, but would like to get openbsd working. Looks like the webGUI doesn't have all of the knobs I need, so will just go CLI.

Where is the disk image for the current VM that is running? Any suggestions on organizing things?

Getting to the point that each week, each day, is worse then the previous one. Perhaps it is time for some NIN as I think I am on The Downward Spiral.

@BryanLunduke New to your show and enjoying it. How do I access your live chat when you are recording?

*someone rings my doorbell*
ah im not answering, if its important theyll phone me

*someone phones me*
ah im not answering, if its important they'll come round

Is there a mastadon instance with a large user population?

I have a Mac and an iPhone, but I don't really see the point in drooling over hardware I can't buy yet.

Guess my fanboism isn't up to snuff

Okay, trying Mastadon again. Hoping things are better this time around.

Dammit, Barrett Brown has been arrested again. Looks like he didn't get paperwork filed and approved for interviews he has given.

The difference between the communists on the Quitters and the communists on the Mastodons is that the communists on the Quitters could probably fight for a revolution and the ones on the Mastodons melt down over a rude pony avatar.

I realize I got interrupted mid thought on my rant and part of it doesn't flow. The part about me being a white male was meant to be followed by "so I might not think about it as much as others".

Sorry, re-read that and realized what I meant to say wasn't really conveyed.

Never thought I would be hitting limits when given 500 characters.

Starting to think that perhaps Mastodon isn't the network for me.

Seeing too many requests to put up CWs for too many types of subjects.

While I am a white male, I see discussions on sexism that go beyond rational. (Are manpages sexist since you type man <subject>?)

Too much talk about Mastodon being so great. Talk about technical aspects of running an instance are useful, but you only need to pat yourself on the back so many times for just being a user.

Guess IRC is still my home.

Anger a nerd in one line of shell

apt-get install nano ; alias vi='nano'

I've published a technical explanation of how to get unsandboxed arbitrary code execution in Subgraph OS, and how this attack compares with Qubes micahflee.com/2017/04/breaking cc @rootkovska

if the Chinese government blocks you, you're doing something right IMO

i need to bring up a BBS, don't I.

the San Jose BBS scene is gonna make a comeback

Okay, I was considering firing up an instance, but then @gewt mentioned BBS. Believe this might be my next "no one will use it but me" personal time sink.

Because I really need another time sink.

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