My favorite browser game
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Y8 released!
Including great game map contribution by @Flux_Wisdom

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SO excited to finally announce...

🔥 Type-Level TypeScript 🔥

The type system of is a *real* programming language.

Here is an online course to discover its most advanced features and how to unleash its full potential!

👉 🎉

Learn more 🧵👇

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"Mars" in 179 bytes.

vec3 d=vec3(FC.xy*2.-r,r)/r.x,p;for(float i,s;i++<2e2;p+=d*(p.y+.2-.2*snoise2D((p.xz*.6+t*.2)*s))/s)s=exp(mod(i,5.));o.grb=.5*d+.03*++d/length(d.xy-1.3)-.7/++p.z-min(.2+p+p,0.).y;

Live demo:

cave painting of shrek fighting darth vader using bananas as lightsabers

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Who hasn't dreamt of creating a software that'd run in space? In <24h, @SpaceX will transport the @Endurance_Cube into orbit. It runs my team's (@openshift for devices) and enables school children to upload code for accessing the sat's sensor data @redhatopen

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Small peek at the unnecessarily complex and very bespoke soup shader I made for this

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Back in 2012, Ubisoft accidentally added everyone as CC on a marketing email.

Long story short, someone hit Reply All and 10 years later the email thread is still going strong and I think that's beautiful.


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