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"How to Read the ECMAScript Specification" is itself formatted like a specification. It's pretty interesting, kind of meta, and surprisingly funny.

"Need a stable location for puddles on the mirror"

Bugzilla issue or Grateful Dead lyric? You decide!

Here's a user stylesheet snippet you can use to replace hamburger menus with hamburgers:

.fa-bars:before {
content: "🍔" !important;

It doesn't work on everything, not even all websites using Font Awesome (you wouldn't believe how many ways people find to implement the hamburger...) but it occasionally pops up in hilarious places

Whoever paid exactly $13.37 for my album, a.) Thank you so much! and b.) That is incredibly nerdy and I love it.

I've finally released some of the music that I've written over the years. The album officially comes out on Friday, but you can stream it now!

After living without a dryer for six weeks in France, I'm looking into air-drying laundry back home.

Turns out there is a whole world of absurd German laundry equipment that you can order on the Internet. I'm currently looking at something called the "Leifheit Pegasus"!

We're making a thing! The Open Practice Library is a concise, real-world guide to building innovative software and collaborative teams.

I'd love your feedback! Replies, issues, and pull requests are more than welcome.

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TIL about tldr. I wish I'd known about this when I was starting out in the terminal.

"...the web app receives real push notifications, making it almost indistinguishable from a native mobile app."

Hell yes. Progressive web apps are happening!!

I assume that mongodb was named after Mongo, the evil planet in the Flash Gordon series that Ming the Merciless ruled.
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