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I keep thinking about this AMA response from a cofounder of Wyze: "Would you rather have no ads or pay more for products?"

Broke: NOJIRA (commit has no associated ticket)
Woke: GOJIRA (commit stomps all over the repository seemingly at random but actually with good reason)

Serious pop music question: is "Kiss Me More" by Doja Cat riffing on "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John, or am I hearing things?

Yeah, launched a Beginner JavaScript text guide based on his video content course. All 15 chapters are free and available online, how awesome is that?

Game Zone here in Salem somehow has a Wario Land promo from the 90s and I am all about it!!

My partner just published her first article on CSS Tricks. It is heartfelt and wonderful

Idea: "The Young and the RESTful", a new daytime drama about API design

"Cumulative Layout Shift: Measure and Avoid Visual Instability" by Karolina Szczur

CLS is the most interesting of the new crop of perf metrics to me. It measures something that users genuinely find annoying (page content shifting around), but previously we had no language for it and nobody was tracking it. And it wasn't traditionally thought of as "performance."

Wow I love this: today is the launch of the e. e. cummings free poetry archive! A project that shows what we can do when works enter the public domain.

Behind the scenes notes:

I've long admired Basecamp, but I think today's announcement is a step in the wrong direction.

Prohibiting political discussions makes it hard to talk about inequality. Banning committees means shutting down Basecamp's DEI committee. Not "dwelling on past decisions" sounds a lot like not taking feedback.

Communication and inclusion are the lifeblood of any healthy organization. I think today's announcement is harmful to Basecamp and its employees.


Metal Masters for Game Boy may only have one song, but that track is a certified banger!

"In the realm of web development, I’ve grown to think the International Space Station is a particularly good model to follow when seeking that sweet spot between durability and flexibility."

This is my new favorite metaphor for software architecture.

Announcing Meme It So! It's a Star Trek The Next Generation Meme and GIF Generator, inspired by Frinkiac.

It has every line of dialogue spoken on STTNG tied to screencaptures. Which makes it good for looking up lines as well.

I really am obsessed with the little melody that the Instant Pot plays when you open and close it.

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