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Idea: bitcoin, but the cycles wasted on mining go towards something useful instead

The hound is obsessed with the new electric blanket.

Did you hear the one about the mobster who got in trouble for building a jetpack? 

They were charged with rocketeering.

Penpot is a new free open source prototyping and design platform. You can follow at:

➡️ @penpot

The first alpha version has just been released, find out more at

(Penpot was previously known as Uxbox)

#PenPot #UXBox #Prototyping #Design #AppDev #Software #Development #Dev #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #SVG

Today, Colleen and I are rearranging our home and moving a couch.

Sofa, so good.

"The web is something different" by @davatron5000

"I’ve come to accept that if there are bugs on the web or if there’s a massive quality dip on a site you’re visiting… that is a sign the web is working. It means some unqualified person was able to skip past the gatekeepers and put something online."

Nice, nuanced perspective in this post. I appreciate it.

Dandara is available for free this week!! It is such an awesome game.

✅ Indie Metroidvania
✅ Novel movement/combat mechanic
✅ Gorgeous pixel art
✅ Kickass Black heroine

"We believe that the lens of systems thinking, when added to traditional UCD techniques, can help us to expand our perspective."

Was chatting about this over the weekend and thought I’d bring it back. A short (4) thread on the unexpected #a11y found in classic pinball! 👾


Pinball + Accessibility. A thread!

So modern pinball goes back to the old parlor game of bagatelle. Prior to the 1870s, bagatelle was played with a cue much like billiards. In 1871, a man named Montague Redgrave (great name) came along and made many “improvements” to the game.


I recently bought the Dreamcast theme for my Nintendo 2DS. When you wake the system from sleep, it plays the sounds of a CD spinning up and a VMU memory card beeping.

The VMU would beep at startup when its battery was dead, which was most of the time because the battery lasted for like an hour.

Someone at Sega loved the Dreamcast enough to subtly make fun of it.

Note to self: when you're angry, write. When you're anxious, edit. When you're at peace, hit send.

I'm bummed to learn that USGamer has shut down. I'm so grateful for their thoughtful, personal writing about videogames, and I hope the writers and editors all find good jobs soon.

The USG team elevated creators, told compelling stories, and created a welcoming space in a subculture that too often tells people they don't belong.

It's up to us to continue this work. The soul still burns, and the fight for everlasting peace goes on.

Should auld triangles be forgot
The ratio of the sides?
Should auld triangles be forgot
And days of auld lang sine?

Random gadget prediction: I think 2021 will be the year that inexpensive noise cancelling headphones get really good.

The Wyze Headphones sound promising, and Soundcore's "" campaign seems like a teaser for a new model in their line of noise cancelling cans.

Digging into this book, a super thoughtful Christmas gift from Colleen.

The book itself is from 2016, but the movement seems more vital than ever.

So I get that "Santa Baby" is just a song, but an outer-space convertible still seems wildly impractical.

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