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Not sure whether to use a monorepo? This flowchart will tell you!

Gadget hot take: Wyze Labs is like Xiaomi without the phones.

"Safari on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for PWA and Web Developers" by Maximiliano Firtman

I'm so glad there's *someone* documenting this stuff. Apple's web browser updates would be so mysterious otherwise.

Here's an off-brand Incredible Hulk with an ice cream cone. Have a weird day.

Very worthwhile thread. Shows that as a web dev, you should not make any assumptions and just make sure you comply with standards. If JAWS is in use, configurability is even greater. You can even have site-specific settings there. And Flexible Web can even hide parts of sites.
RT @yatil
I found the thread:

“I turn off the other nonsense such as bloc quote announcement. I turn off almost everything.”

Web devs, you have no control abou…

American greatness was created through decreasing inequality. We need to keep going.

"The Chicago and Stanford economists calculated that the simple, radical act of reducing discrimination against those groups was responsible for more than 40 percent of the country’s per-worker economic growth after 1960. It’s the reason the country could sustain rapid growth with low unemployment, yielding rising wages for everyone, including white men without college degrees."

I've enjoyed following the OnePlus Nord hype train, but I can't help but feel like their pitch for an affordable, Scandinavian-style phone borrows pretty liberally from Nokia's playbook.

Get 700+ indie games for a minimum $5 donation with the Bundle for Racial Justce and Equality!

Indie videogames
Proceeds go to national bail fund and BLM

Indie paper microgames
Indie tabletop rpgs
Proceeds go to black visions collective. IMPORTANT: these 2 are over in about 13 hours!!!!

Have a minute? Email or call the governor of Minnesota and remind him of this:

"The use of unnecessary excessive, and unlawful force by the police in the USA, especially against racial and ethnic minorities, is deeply disturbing and must stop immediately."

I've been playing those SNK arcade games that showed up on Twitch Prime, and I noticed a few interesting things:

- DotEmu developed the ports/emulation!
- The PC versions of the games seem to be exclusive to Amazon/Twitch. They don't appear in other storefronts.
- An Amazon Prime logo shows up at the start of each game. Are Prime exclusive games a thing now?

Can anyone recommend a good cross-platform eReader app? Ideally open source?

I love the Kindle app's sync and public library integration, but books seem too important to let any one company have too much control.

Brilliant project that tidies up public domain ebooks.

Gutenberg and Internet Archive are wonderful resources, but the texts are poorly formatted for actual use, especially on ereaders.

This is a volunteer driven initiative to bring these texts up to date with modern standards and make them look as good as possible on the page.

Continuing to think about and wondering if "Atomic CSS" really is the most performant way to handle CSS.


- It does seem that CSS would grow logarithmically with the number of components
- You can code-split it and delete unused rules
- Style calc is fast since everything is just classes (assuming no descendant selectors)


- HTML is bloated and hard to debug
- Seems hard to learn the terse syntax
- May be fragile, not very DRY?

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