That said, it doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. At one point the speaker drew a parallel to vegetarianism, and I actually think it's a great comparison.

You can have an impact on your health, the planet, and the suffering of animals without becoming a full vegan. There's a spectrum between flexitarian -> pescetarian -> vegetarian -> vegan where you're at least having a positive impact the further you move to the right. Maybe FLOSS can be thought of the same way.

@iliana I'm in an "it's complicated" relationship with Angular

The latest drafts of the new Fedora logo are funky, legible, distinctive, and modern. It's so cool to see this redesign evolve!!

"Rendering on the Web" by Jason Miller and Addy Osmani

This is a good read on the state-of-the-art in Server Side Rendering vs Client Side Rendering vs everything in between. Interesting to see that they are explicitly discouraging SSR Hydration. It was a promising technology, but it looks like in the real world it doesn't actually give many performance gains, and leads to an "uncanny valley" where sites look interactive but aren't.

since there are so many weird ux titles anyway can I just be a 'ux bassist' and then include all equipment purchases in tax?

Hot take: I think the new Slack logo is pretty good.

- It works in a variety of contexts
- It's a hash made out of speech bubbles
- You don't have to tilt it at precisely 18 degrees and place it on a white background for it to look ok
- It's four colors and not 18!

"CSS doesn’t suck" Andy Bell is remind us how amazing and flexible CSS is. Let's start celebrating.

Crayola had a line of tech-themed crayons in 1997 called "Techno-Brite"

Moving CSS into JS adds a barrier preventing people not already deep in JS land from styling stuff. Doing CSS the classical way means you lose the advantages of JS infrastructure (dependency management, avoiding a global namespace). For authors of generic components, both suck.

I'm hitting a bit of a wall here

Dear Internet: If I wanted to install your app, I would've done so already.

Reading is not "better in the app." I don't really believe that you want me to install your app because I "deserve the best."

The Elements of UI Engineering - a great list of "problems" you need to solve on a UI level, with the advice to try to solve them without the constraints of the library / framework first

I'm at a recording of NPR's "Says You" and experiencing peak nerd.

I've heard some folks on the Chrome team say they were looking for proposals for new Layered APIs (basically JS libraries bundled in the browser) so I just wrote up a suggestion for an emoji picker:

If this were accepted, it would mean that every chat/social media app wouldn't need to bundle their own emoji picker, but could instead just rely on the browser to give them an <emoji-picker> element. It would also be available as an open-source JavaScript library.

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