Game Zone here in Salem somehow has a Wario Land promo from the 90s and I am all about it!!

It's basically spring, right? Well then, here's to the first iced coffee of the season.

The hound is obsessed with the new electric blanket.

Digging into this book, a super thoughtful Christmas gift from Colleen.

The book itself is from 2016, but the movement seems more vital than ever.

5am: Dog is awake! Let's go let's go let's gooooooo
6:30am: Time for dog to go back to bed.

I'm taking a break from our kitchen renovation to celebrate new beginnings.

Toy has been destroyed; dinner has been chomped. Time for naps!

Not sure whether to use a monorepo? This flowchart will tell you!

This holiday season, get them what they really want: gender roles!

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