Digging into this book, a super thoughtful Christmas gift from Colleen.

The book itself is from 2016, but the movement seems more vital than ever.

5am: Dog is awake! Let's go let's go let's gooooooo
6:30am: Time for dog to go back to bed.

I'm taking a break from our kitchen renovation to celebrate new beginnings.

Toy has been destroyed; dinner has been chomped. Time for naps!

Not sure whether to use a monorepo? This flowchart will tell you!

This holiday season, get them what they really want: gender roles!

"We'll just drop in this component," they said. "We can just accept the defaults," they said. mastodon.xyz/media/6dcUXbsrg42

Here's to celebrating Independence Day with friends. (As seen on Essex Street, Salem MA)


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