🚨🚨 New Drop!! 🚨🚨

Void Constructor, release 1 of 16 in my new abstract series called "Planed Fields of Oblivion" where we explore the concept of nothingness.

Click here to purchase on the HIVE blockchain!


High Resolution, 320DPI. Print suggestion is flat surface (metalic/canvas) 10"x13" with no printing on the sides of the canvas.

Hey guys, I would be honored if you checked out my redbubble and saatchi stores and share any constructive criticisms you may have!! Lots of talented people here.



I know we have a vibrant LGBTQ+ community across the fediverse, and I'd like to invite you to the parade and art auction on July 28th @ 4pm UTC (Noon EST/9AM PST) at decentraland. Come and browse or show off your great work! Maybe even buy a piece of art from a fab artist! All proceeds go to support the creation of safe virtual spaces for LGBT communities.

To submit art or help out with the project join the discord at discord.gg/5PDZPd.

ISO 400

Taken on a stormy day at alki beach in seattle. The waves of the puget sound slam against the break wall and create dramatic scenes.

going out for a secret santa gift! She is an Agatha Christie fan. I also made it a collectible on the blockchain!

Some pictures I took on my drive about this past weekend. Even in cloudy skies and short amount of day light outside, its pretty easy to find good shots.

edibles are big in my state, but I find using MG a poor indicator of strength.

For instance, a dish may have 20MG, but 20MG of what? Ok, Sour Deisel you say? But what is the percentage? 13%, 20, closer to 30?

I have devised a new way to tell the strength of dishes with the Russell Dankness Index. The picture explains how it works.

Feel free to give thoughts!

Lets do a blast from the past for this weeks photo challenge. Cell phones are what really gave me confidence to even get into photography.

Samsung Galaxy S4 @ St. Kitts 2014

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