Fediverse, I need your help !
My manager aks me to define my job, with a name and I'm stuck at "I need time to think about it". My actual job name is "web developer", but it needs to be (much) more precise. "Frontend dev" is a bit narrow, "fullstack" seems to be a bullshit joke.

I do PHP backend dev, JS dev, CI/CD, install and configure softwares on Linux servers, do some automation scripts, use GIT…

Any idea ? Boost appreciated.

@Sp3r4z I mean, that's as full stack as it gets without any SQL involved.. Perhaps just web engineer?

@russdpale I forgot SQL, of course I also do that… It's obviously obvious.

So "fullstack" seems to be relevant, for you?


@Sp3r4z it could be, but web engineer almost seems more appropriate, you are most certainly doing dev and devops at the same time. Im a full stack dev and I don't touch servers or integration stuff, our devops (support) group does that.

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@russdpale Yeah, in fact is dev and devops (but the dev side of devops). I've sysad colleagues, who do the same (devops but the ops side).

Very clear and inspiring answers, truly appreciated!

@russdpale There's no such thing as "DevOps" role. DevOps just refers to a culture where admins and devs work togheter from the begining, not separately.

And automation/scripting/Infrastructure as CTode/whatever "modern cloud" stuff is just a part of sysadmin job.


@devnull Totally true, I'm 100% into this drawing and your toot. It's definitely what I said, I do devops, but the dev side, and my colleagues the ops side. It's a fluid state of doing!


@devnull But your also say "automation + scripting" is for sysadmins, but it's a part of my own job in fact. Maybe because I'm the only one (dev role in my company) able to manage GNU/Linux stuff… I don't really need someone to install OS, libraries and softwares on it… I don't need someone to (bash) script things… Logs are familiar to me… it's just part of my "job routine".
I can't even think asking someone for rsync things or why my code is 500 the server…


@Sp3r4z So you do both and sysadmin. Some people do. Even if it still 2 different jobs if you do the "run" part (not just your own machine and test/dev environments but also the production environments).

And yes, automation is part of the sysadmin job. Managing "big" infrastructures without automation (or shitty "automation" with old and slow software that needs 30 clicks to launch one task) is a nightmare, not to mention without scripting at all…


Your manager's question is weird though… I'm not sure what he wants/what's the point (if there's one)

I don't know your exact job, but from I understand, web dev + sysadmin seems to be a correct way to describe it. And since it's a mix of two different job, there isn't any "single" job title to describe both.


@devnull It's a weird question, but it's to fit the job title to what I effectively do, because it's not just "do code", you know. I don't think there is any other point, in fact.

That's exactly what I thought "not really possible to get a perfect box for my job", it's as you said a culture, not a real job (as devops).

@devnull I see what you mean about "automation", for sure it's a nightmare without one… for all kind of jobs, to be honest.

I don't do sysadmin, even if I do some sysadmin tasks. It's a small part of my job, and it's mostly "basic" stuff. I just don't create the VM and initial base (because of sysadmin automatize tasks).

@devnull @Sp3r4z maybe call it like a 'Web Systems Engineer' or something then?!

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