Man, I have tried so hard to like Linux, but with all the bugs and quirks, all it's good for to me, is to fire up parsec and stream my windows pc to it.

Simply put, it will never be the year of the Linux desktop. To many bugs and funky things that are clearly unfixable.


Wait, what distro did you try? What was you trying to do (use case etc.) ?

What kind of bugs did you encounter to name a few?

@Linux Well for starters, 1 out of ever 5 times my ubuntu flavored box goes into sleep, it never comes back and requires a hard reset.

It seems impossible to make desktop short cuts.

Copying and pasting files without having to find obscure user permissions on the command line of all places.

Double clicking downloaded binaries and just installing instead of opening a command prompt and getting a user access denied message or doing nothing at all.

That is just for starters.


Ubuntu (after adopting to Gnome desktop) has gotten challenging in many aspects.

The answer could be Linux Mint. It is enormously more out of the box experience and the user is not limited to, for example, that desktop icon issue which Gnome desktop holds.

Unlike Ubuntu, also all the critical codecs and whatnot are pre-installed on Mint.

About the "double clicking of downloaded binaries": you should really rather install through package manager / software center.

@Linux Im not adverse to installing on command line, I love scoop on windows. Some binaries are not on any package manager though or a website encourages a binary download as opposed to command line. I like command line more but it would be nice if binary double clicking would, in 2019, 'just work' when its needed.


There are snap and flatpak packages now too. "The universal Linux packaging solution".

Snap Store:

Maybe the apps you need are found in those?

@Linux I had way more success with fedora, at least in the computer-sleep department, but many of the same issues existed. Its mainly the sleep issue that is driving me bananas. Going to try Cent of arch next.


For the sake of Arch mentioned now, Manjaro (Arch-based) actually stopped my own personal distrohopping and many known figures of Linux community use it. The Linux Gamer, Hatnix, Spatry etc.

@Linux I've considered System76 before, but Im a big personalization guy.

Arch interests me now that I am more familiar with the linux environment (about a year+ of usage now). Is there a good guide for a development setup on an older machine? Really need to run docker and it runs like butt on my windows machine. Waiting for WSL2 to mature before trying it there.

@russdpale The Arch Wiki has you covered in everything.

I would still recommend Manjaro rather than straight Arch..

@Linux Cool, thanks. Ill be sure to check both out.


Then of course... There is the System76 route.

Their PC's are designed to 100% run Linux and their own Pop_OS! distro has gotten praise all around: "a more user friendly and polished Ubuntu" :thinkhappy:

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