Some pictures I took on my drive about this past weekend. Even in cloudy skies and short amount of day light outside, its pretty easy to find good shots.

I am very pleased to release my first piece with! A politically oriented, animated .gif entitled "A Very Nuclear Man". I would be honored if you took a second and checked it out!

All of the original files are deleted, including the model files the AI generated and used in its styling. This ensures it can never be originally reproduced again, even by me.

Man, I have tried so hard to like Linux, but with all the bugs and quirks, all it's good for to me, is to fire up parsec and stream my windows pc to it.

Simply put, it will never be the year of the Linux desktop. To many bugs and funky things that are clearly unfixable.

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This is an interesting project out of Stanford. It's a currency being developed by a group of PhDs.

Join the beta here and use my username (russd) as your invitation code.

edibles are big in my state, but I find using MG a poor indicator of strength.

For instance, a dish may have 20MG, but 20MG of what? Ok, Sour Deisel you say? But what is the percentage? 13%, 20, closer to 30?

I have devised a new way to tell the strength of dishes with the Russell Dankness Index. The picture explains how it works.

Feel free to give thoughts!

Man, I love working on apps so old no one remembers how they really work, or even why. /s

Small seeds become forests. Don't mistake patience for lazyness, for it is power.

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I woke up not too early today with terrible anxiety and with hardly any will to live, move, act. Now, late evening, after family (10+ members) lunch outside in the garden, the dishes done, alone, listening to the day getting darker, sound of the motorway mixed with birds chirping here and there, going to sleep, I'm thinking it was not a bad day at all.

#SundaySounds #photography #SnapSeed

Lets do a blast from the past for this weeks photo challenge. Cell phones are what really gave me confidence to even get into photography.

Samsung Galaxy S4 @ St. Kitts 2014

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#WIP drawing I'm doing, a propaganda image, showing people emerging from the abyss of facebook and to the campfire of the quey mastodon instance. #mastoart #art #krita #foss #mastodon

Achieving a bubble-less screen protector on my phone is one of my greatest life achievements.

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