is it just me or does not a whole lot go on here

I know we have a vibrant LGBTQ+ community across the fediverse, and I'd like to invite you to the parade and art auction on July 28th @ 4pm UTC (Noon EST/9AM PST) at decentraland. Come and browse or show off your great work! Maybe even buy a piece of art from a fab artist! All proceeds go to support the creation of safe virtual spaces for LGBT communities.

To submit art or help out with the project join the discord at

ISO 400

Taken on a stormy day at alki beach in seattle. The waves of the puget sound slam against the break wall and create dramatic scenes.

My brother's been making an entire damned album for his quarantine project and I couldn't be more proud! It drops soon :)

Released my newest piece on the blockchain today! I made it using a custom version of styleGan and some photoshop. I trained it with thousands of shapes I drew in photoshop and this is what it came up with. I have no idea because I didn't draw a shape that looks anything like these 🤯. I'd love if you checked it out.

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Pride hasn't been canceled this year... It's just reverted to old school riots to get shit done! Please stand together to protect our POC!

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A few points:

- Black lives matter, and Black lives *must* matter before "all lives matter" can mean anything but a racist dog-whistle and/or a soggy flaccid liberal platitude, end of fucking statement

- All cops are bastards, yes including your shithead cop relative, yes including whatever fictional cop you imprinted on, end of fucking statement

I don't want you following me on here or anywhere else if you've got a problem with these points, *especially* the first one

Hi ! I wanted to share my newest pieces on

The first piece is a gif called "Rainbeau" and is dedicated to my LTBTQ+ friends and family:

the second is called Storied Sacrifice and is about the stories we tell ourselves, and then sacrifice ourselves for. It is dedicated to my friend who lost his life in OIF back in 2003:

Thank you so much for checking it out!

wth almost 5 dollars in gas fees on known origin, it was 2.50 last weekend, and like 30 cents last month.. this is becoming unusable.

History doesn't repeat, it doesn't even (usually) rhyme, but it has damn sure been written in similar prose on many occasion.

I never thought my political science studies would come into factor, but the recent happenings in my nation are sending off all the alarms of totalitarianism, especially when I see respected scientists in the field giving off the warning signs as well.

With that said, it's frustrating to be told, even by family members, that you are somehow a weird paranoid. That DJT is the disease and not just a symptom.

I'm sorry if it doesn't agree with your cheery dispositions of enlightened centrism.

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You can say there is no such thing as a failed design validation test...if you learn something from it.

NASA engineers burst world's largest rocket fuel tank

going out for a secret santa gift! She is an Agatha Christie fan. I also made it a collectible on the blockchain!

Some pictures I took on my drive about this past weekend. Even in cloudy skies and short amount of day light outside, its pretty easy to find good shots.

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