Does anyone in the UK have a 5G router for their home broadband? Is it any good? A 12 month contract with Three works out at £16.50 a month (£11 for first 6 months then 22 for 6 months), compared to the £40 I'm paying which includes a landline I never use.
(Boosting this is fine and appreciated, thank you, I'm looking for serious replies).

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@rosamundi I hope he will forgive me, but @dajbelshaw is just installing an EE 5G router and might be able to help, as in this thread:

@rosamundi @johnpettigrew Yep! Put it in last week. Ping slightly worse but down/upload speed *much* improved.

Got it connected to my Netgear Orbi mesh network and, although my PS4 says it's NAT3 I've had no problems with online gaming.

I bought a Bluespot 5G antenna to further boost things. Waiting for a 'virtual site survey' email from them to set it up properly...

@dajbelshaw I live in a flat and don't have problems with the WiFi in different rooms at the moment, so I'm going to assume that will carry through to a 5G installation.

@rosamundi Well, word to the wise: EE don't do 5G on PAYG (although they don't explicitly state that anywhere) so it's difficult to test without an investment.

I actually convinced the store manager to walk up the road to my house to see what the speeds were like, but I can't guarantee another one would! 😅

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