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So, . I'm in the UK, I'm into utility cycling and active travel more generally and will post , especially if there's a dog in a basket or a small child wearing a tutu. I go for long walks and will post the photos with . I read a lot and sew. I follow cricket (England, Lancashire and Middlesex) and take lots of photos of swans.

The rijksmuseum has a little café in an alcove so you can have a sit down and a coffee before tackling the Gallery of Honour and The Night Watch.

The hotel room safe works with the room key. More of this sort of tiny innovation which makes life disproportionately easier.

I'm in Amsterdam 😁
It has been A Journey to get here, though. I got an email yesterday saying my return train was cancelled, and had to go to St Pancras in person to sort it out because I couldn't rebook online or get through on the phone.
Then my train was delayed leaving St Pancras, and further delayed on the way. Still, I had a comfy seat and good books, and I'm here now. 😁


One of the unexpected wins of not drinking at the moment is I'm not having to deal with period pains *and* a hangover, go me 🎉

I never post my scores but this fell into such a pleasing pattern that I had to
Wordle 348 5/6


So not only did I turn down Pimm's at the work happy hour (no great loss, I'm not a huge fan of the way most people make it), I also turned down champagne.

Turns out that waking up this morning and deciding "I'm not going to drink today" carries me straight past an open bottle of champagne to the alcohol-free beers.

mad chapeau to the person who rigged a two wheel flatbed trolley to the back of a Santander hire bike.

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My favourite swipe typo of the day: "Norse cancelling headphones". Presumably that means Bluetooth is turned off.

Here's a bit of street space nerdery for your Thursday morning, from Warsaw, Poland.
Pavement, bidirectional cycle lane, trees, cars, trees, trams, trams, trees, cars, trees, bidirectional cycle lane, pavement.

Off to the cricket, but my guest is buying me lunch so I've only got the little picnic bag. Behold, the extravagance which is a Fortnum picnic backpack which fits onto your bike pannier rack

The Royal Parks' suggestion is a blithe "get off and walk", which would add at least another 20-30 minutes to my commute. Pushing a bike. No.

People are also saying that the installed crowd control barriers don't have convenient breaks in them so you could end up walking even further than you'd planned.

Cycling in the parks isn't allowed and there are security guards yelling at everyone who tries.

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The Queen's having a party next month which means I can't get to work safely for six weeks unless I spend money on the Tube so anyway I'm a republican and a die-hard work from home-ist now.

All that dotted red is either closed segregated cycle lanes, or closed quiet-ish roads with no through traffic. There is no alternative provision for cyclists. I now have to take my life in my hands cycling round Trafalgar Square and down Pall Mall.

Sewing machine works perfectly so there's no excuse to buy a new one. Outrageous.

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One trip to Ilford and I am in full mode.
Still, I got my sewing machine back, so that's nice.

Top marks to the woman in the polling station who was carefully explaining the whole process to the child she had with her. 😁

Does anyone in the UK have a 5G router for their home broadband? Is it any good? A 12 month contract with Three works out at £16.50 a month (£11 for first 6 months then 22 for 6 months), compared to the £40 I'm paying which includes a landline I never use.
(Boosting this is fine and appreciated, thank you, I'm looking for serious replies).

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Here, have one of my photos. This is our cat Sherpa, watching a balloon.

I saw a sign advertising "The House of Silk" and was about to get very excited about a new fabric shop. Then I realised that it was advertising a DJ club night 😔

Today I will be mostly scoping out an alternative cycle route to the office because the Royal Parks have seen fit to close the roads round St James's Park and Green Park for six weeks.
I normally do Embankment -> Bridge St -> Great George St -> Birdcage Walk -> Spur Road- > Constitution Hill. While I can get off at the bottom of Constitution Hill and walk up through Green Park, getting to the park will be a problem if Birdcage Walk is shut.

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