@calcifer 5 to 7 hours in everyday usage. It's definitely fine, but I can't help being jealous by the durations you can see in Apple world.

@calcifer X1 Carbon 7th generation here. Using Kubuntu, nothing to report, hardware support is excellent, nothing special to setup. The keyboard is fine for me, no problem for coding and writing.

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please do not claim for
yourself copyrights for this
work or parts of it

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@hafnia I really fell in love with CHVRCHES and their new album Screen Violence. I'd categorize it as electronic pop/rock.


@hafnia And if we're talking full albums, even though it technically was released last year, "Get Well Soon" by St South is amazing: stsouth.bandcamp.com/album/get

@hafnia My favorite EP of this year is, with 100% certainty, "Narratives" by Alisa Amador: alisaamadormusic.bandcamp.com/

@nolan It's fascinating to see how this evolution of queuing systems can be directly connected to the global evolution of economic systems. Without knowing in advance the specific distribution that FastPass+ produced, I was 0% surprised when presented by the result: it's a perfect little neoliberal system.

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"Disney's FastPass: A Complicated History" youtu.be/9yjZpBq1XBE

Fascinating history and analysis of how the Disney parks have tried to improve the wait times for rides. It's a long video, but well worth the 1:45 runtime.

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You touch everything
you pass in a store without
thinking about it

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In the first photo
can be seen around twenty
five wooden houses

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Okay, why say "web browsers are hard to make, you need a huge budget to do so" instead of

Chrome wasn't built in a day


Matrice de critères - Design de l'attention 

@maiwann Pas grave du tout, c'est intéressant comme outil, et c'est chouette de solliciter là-dessus !

Matrice de critères - Design de l'attention 

@maiwann @xalofar @Clailou @alexq @nicod @wargreen @nartagnan @Guerin J'ai déposé celui que j'ai fait pour Vinted, et c'est pas un petit questionnaire si on le faire bien, un peu intimidant toutes les questions :)

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Tu veux accéder à Doctolib sans passer par la file d'attente ?

Passe par ici a.doctolib.fr/


@brainblasted As a quick fix, you could try increasing RestartSec in nginx.service, so that any eventual race condition would be less likely to occur.

@brainblasted So, something is restarting your nginx unit periodically. Maybe a weird Let's Encrypt race condition where your certbot is slow to exit its server so nginx fails to bind.

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