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Gentes, tenho uma outra conta no Mastodon BR que também sou eu, OK?

É essa:

É isto

Pessoas, eu não tô conseguindo entrar no masto.donte. Alguém sabe o que está havendo?

Morar sozinho é escorrer macarrão na tampa, tendo escorredor de macarrão em casa, para não ter que lavar uma vasilha a mais.

Hey, so I just found out about the #TeX documentation browser. It looks awful, but it's still pretty neat.

It requires perl-tk, but, once you have it, you're good

If you need documentation from some #LaTeX module and are using #Linux, you don't need to Google: just run `texdoc modname` and the pdf manual of the module will be opened

P.S.: We need a LaTeX hashtag that isn't kinky


Trying peanut butter and jelly sanduich for the first time in my life and it's fucking delicious

Diet: dont do dishes so you have nothing to prepare your lunch in

Suprisingly deep joke about toxic masculinity on The Red Green Show 

Harold's response is: "My usual distaien for your testosterone fuelled activities seems to be being overridden by an incredible desire to belong to the group"

Red: "Huh, I guess you are a real man after all"

Which, implies that Red knows that masculinity is actually about wanting to be accepted.

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politics, ancapism 

A comment that started with these words got 56 likes on YouTube

This is the kind of baffling ignorance ancapism is based on

I long for the day when Americans understand what "liberal" actually means for the rest of the planet

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mildly nsfw, Paleolithic nudes compared to modern nudes 

This is so, so amazing. Evidence that #Paleolithic #Venus statues were basically carved by women as self-portraits. #womensart Source:

Hi I'm Kiwi!! A little artist from Spain who loves drawing girls and ocs! I do a lot of doodles bc I dunno how to finish things,,, anyways nice to meet yall 💕

So listen, on Twitter indigenous people get harassed fuckin daily by (mostly) white vegans for traditional hunting. Like they fail to realize that even eating vegan violates morality bc 🗣 THERES NO GOTDAMN ETHICAL CONSUMPTION UNDER CAPTILISM

Yet every day, it’s a fuckin fight.

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