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Going to the library is great cause you can hang out with all the cool books and there's nobody subtly pressuring you to spend money

Change my mind: The Script's "Breakeven" and Jason Derulo's "Ridin' Solo" are songs from two sides of the same breakup.

dogs in raincoats

my posting strategy is simply having a thought I would normally keep to myself for fear of sounding stupid, and then making it public

having opinions about the oxford comma does not constitute a personality

I've been in the Fediverse for a few months now, but I definitely still don't understand it

That's why the whippersnappers can't afford a house, too many cell phones.

just want to let everyone know that i understood a joke this morning

was calculating hourly rate from day rate and accidentally hit multiply instead of divide and let me tell you I am going to be making a LOT more from now on

Okay new game:

Everyone do a predictive text toot beginning with "Mastodon is crumbling.."

πŸ‘ your πŸ‘ tea πŸ‘ preferences πŸ‘ are πŸ‘ valid πŸ‘

chuck tingle is a blessing to this earth. thank u for existing chuck

mastodon timeline flies by so fast, you have like 5 seconds for your toot to get attention. It's like screaming into someone's car window as you pass them on the freeway

reminder that water deer exist and they have Big Friendly Teethβ„’

bing how i do cancel myself

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