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Going to the library is great cause you can hang out with all the cool books and there's nobody subtly pressuring you to spend money

Can't make dolls on Dolldivine any more cause I don't have a Flash player. This is so sad! What happened to the internet

Not sure why ASL was so popular old chatrooms?? Like, did people do the hand signs with emojis?? So confused!!

I wanna go on forums and have a crappy gif avatar and decorate my signature with every bbcode tag I can find

Mastodon crumbled like the Daily Dot foretold

It was like dust in our hands at the end; dry and dusty, and slowly it drifted away

Now it is gone, and we wander between social networks, telling the tales of the olden days

When the bots have an uprising they're gonna be mad at me for muting them

Probably they'll mute me then tbh. Permanently.

Ways I'm like vodka
- mostly water
- also some potato
- usually tastes bad
- will not hydrate you

Ways I'm not like vodka
- I have limbs

Am I being mean to the robots if I mute a Mastodon bot instance?

I feel like I'm hurting the bots by doing this.

smh if your smartphone doesn't have a mechanical keyboard

nothing needs to be left to soak for more than half an hour you all know it and you're just bad housemates

some of y’all aren’t even robots but you still wouldn’t pass the Turing Test

UMatrix is like a minigame. The goal is to whitelist the absolute minimum amount of stuff on a domain to make it actually usable.

It's so satisfying to view UMatrix and see how much crappy web content is being filtered out, omg.

windows: how likely is it that you recommend windows to a friend 1-10
people: people dont recommend OS's to each other during normal conversations lol
linux users: hi

My browser has a little fox on it and this site has a happy elephant on it. I should glue a picture of a cute animal to my laptop to finish the look



but for MEN

Ways im like Swiss cheese
- I am very pale
- i have holes in me
- im boring
- i don't get invited to fancy events

Ways im not like Swiss cheese
- im british

I got made fun of at the YMCA when I was 13 for wearing cowboy boots but with age comes wisdom and I now realize that they were just jealous of my spurs.

Jangle jangle bitches.

a good shitpost is indistinguishable from a post a bot would make

i don't buy fancy soap because i will 100% try to eat it when drunk

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