Corporate reminder of the day: It's always easier to get rid of employees and teams rather than fixing sh** management and issues with how they conduct themselves in a professional environment.

You live and learn.

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Yo, when you're having a hard time with a problem but then you restate it in other terms and it becomes easy all of the sudden????

Terms really affect how you think about stuff, huh. I've learned this lesson before I'm just always surprised when it happens.


Demotivator of the day: If companies expect to find 'pre-baked' employees with all the exact technical expertise they're seeking from specialized roles, chances are you will never check all the boxes or even make the cut. What was specialized at your old gig might be 'miscellaneous' at a new one.

Final thoughts: I honestly did not anticipate facing the same problems that I had starting out, after all these years of experience.


(That rant buffer overflowed)

Disclaimer #1: To state it explicitly, no, I haven't always been consulted about changes made to my job description (in case your first instinct was to think I was making excuses for the lack of general capability).

Disclaimer #2: This might be more applicable to soft sciences, more specifically an actively & fast evolving field like cybersecurity, as opposed to the hard sciences that have been 'standardized' for a longer time.

An employee would get fired if s/he refuses to align, and doesn't get hired/loses future employment prospects if s/he doesn't.


As someone who has been given both 'too technical' and 'lacking in technical requirements' as interview feedback, this only leaves me wondering about the many ways my career path is being screwed over at my current gig.

A humble 500 char rant

If companies expect to find 'pre-baked' candidates with all the exact technical expertise they're seeking from extremely specialized roles, chances are they will never find the 'perfect' candidate that checks all boxes.

Career paths follow such different trajectories, some examples of influencing factors being
* company goals at the time
* team & management goals at the time (no, these don't always align with the former)
* industry trends

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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. 🤞🏾

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. 🤞🏾

Apparently one of the Mirai botnets was directed at the /0 subnet i.e. the entire IPv4 space. /lol

Here's hoping security updates catch up before one of these botnets have enough numbers & firepower to be effective on that scale.

In one example, a variant evolved to remove U.S. Department of Defense blocks from the initial scanning blacklist. The malware further evolved to use new infection mechanisms. Most notably, in late November 2016, Mirai variants began to scan for TCP/7547 and TCP/5555, two ports commonly associated with CWMP. Additionally, one malware strain began to using domain generation algorithms (DGA) in the place of a hardcoded C2 domain, though this feature was short lived. .. (3/n)

.. and the aggressive killing of competitive malware in a sample collected on September 29, 2016. After the public release, we observed the rapid emergence of new features, ranging from improved infection capabilities to hardened binaries that slow reverse engineering efforts. Between November 2, 2016 and February 28, 2017, we observed 48 new sets of usernames and
passwords, as well as changes to the IP blacklist. .. (2/n)

" First, we saw the underlying C2
infrastructure upgrade from an IP-based C2 to a domain-
based C2 in mid-September. Second, the malware began
to delete its executing binary, as well as obfuscate its pro-
cess ID, also in mid-September. We additionally saw a
number of features added to make the malware more vir-
ulent, including the addition of more passwords to infect
additional devices, the closing of infection ports TCP/23
and TCP/2323, .. (1/n)

Reasons to not work that'd only fly at a French workplace: "I don't care, I'm sitting calmly right now, otherwise I'll have to work :D"

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