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Surprise, surprise. Big Ad Tech is lobbying *against* strong privacy laws, arguing they hurt the ad market, create high costs for businesses & curb innovation.

In his @nytimes op-ed, our CEO & Founder @yegg explains why "these are all weak arguments."

Can anyone point me towards a way of decorating my laptop without using stickers that will harm that beautiful rubber coating on the ThinkPad?

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Remember when we were promised flying cars and hover boards and instead we have people who are E celebrities and warning labels urging you not to eat dish washing detergent?

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@retro64XYZ Trust me, I understand all about lack of customer service as a former Apple fanboy since the Apple IIc until I got burned with my iMac G5. Still, I've learned that it's best to do your research when buying a PC for a FOSS OS. Even with the great support Lenovo has for Linux and the BSDs, something like the ThinkPad A485 that I'd like as an OpenBSD laptop comes with a Broadcom WiFi which is a showstopper.

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Dream Laptop.
32GB Ram.
Ryzen 7 with 8 cores.
No built in camera.
No built in microphone.
Manjaro Linux.
ThinkPad aesthetics.
No trackpad but yes trackpoint.
14 inch screen.

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Programming interviews are fake, you don't have to memorize big books of function names, job interviews are random chance at best. talk to me for an hour and I'll get a good idea, but the best way is to let you write code in your element

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customer service is so bad I had to take pictures using my cell phone and e-mail it to them. Holy cow. Y’all don’t tell me you “reviewed my claim and found it false” and then ignore me when I send you 5 supporting links, two photos, and a god damn dissertation on why I am right and you are wrong. I own 7 ThinkPads dating back to the T22. You picked the wrong person to brush off. Now fix my computer or send me my money back.

Someone is using elasticstack to power the search engine on their Jekyll site. So now I have to do that for my site. Weekend project here I come.

Any one bench mark Dwarf Fortress on a Threadripper yet? Inquiring minds want to know.

My Thinkpad broke. So I took my other Thinkpad out and instantly went back to work because everything I do is in version control and command line. The Ryzen 7 is in the shop so I just use the core2duo.

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hello everynyan!!

over the last few weeks, i've been working on the sega genesis version of the xband modem - an early network multiplayer service. i got a barebones server implemented and worked around some voip-related latency issues, and last night i managed to get a game of mortal kombat 2 working.

i'll be posting more about this and also contributing a lot of documentation to the folks over at, so if you're interested, check them out

here's a video of getting connected and in-game

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@kaniini please fucking make openwebauth work with fediverse platforms. It's a great concept and doesn't rely on federating a million things everywhere.

The big aha moment for me was several years ago, when I switched from Diaspora. Diaspora as an app relies on federating everything, from status updates to photos to likes to profile data. This is all fine and dandy, except that the way it is implemented makes it very difficult for Diaspora to adequately approximate the feature set of Facebook.

Photo albums, for example, cannot exist with proper hierarchy. What are you going to do, federate every album and every photo in it? Embed reference data to point to a top level "photo album" object? Then send references to those albums to all of your contacts?

One thing that Hubzilla does super well is that it only sends just enough data to build a stream and accept interactions. All the fancier higher-order feature components and their data live on the remote instance you're looking at, instead of pulling those resources into your own instance.
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Thing is... even though their Ubuntu Phone may never have seen widespread adoption, it's actually been a good product. I've seen it, I personally know people who worked on it. I held it in my hands. It was really good!

If Canonical didn't manage to pull off this feat, I have little hope anyone else will. That means we'll have only a few closed source options in the predominating computing market of the near future: mobiles.


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