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@fribbledom as above so below. They are running a hyper visor to build VMs and distributing the power using space docker.

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What's the one thing every web user can do to fight #SurveillanceCapitalism ?

Replace the Google Chrome browser

I've started a new website to send a message to Google that we prefer the internet without them


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Dear everyone who is considering making a video of yourself talking rather than just writing the *exact same words* into a text file, a blog post or a PDF:

Unless you're specifically targeting people who literally cannot read...

Please don't.

Sincerely, A Person Who Doesn't Have Literal Free Hours To Hear You Slooooowly Say Something It Would Take Me Five Seconds To Read And Also I Can Ctrl-F It

Ranting about pornographers on Mastodon. 

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I love how Mastodon is 100% functional and contains zero trackers.

It's almost as if you don't need trackers to make a functioning site and any trackers on other sites are wholly unnecessary and should be fought against on every possible level...

@fdej888 this seems like an incredible psyop campaign initiated by anti-American forces.

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Thank you again for your participation to the #SDF32 and #UNIX50 EVENT!!! Thank you to all the anonradio, sdf and irc diehardz esp to the ones who stayed till the end! LOL thank you! BIG thanks to @smj for making this important event happen! Also thank you to USENIX and the @livingcomputers Museum, and to our ever patient sysadmin @iczer haha LET US ALL HELP SDF ALIVE! Keep the old ways ALIVE! Pls support @SDF and keep using your UNIX and all kinds of *NIX machines! 👍👍 I'm beat... good night!LOL

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Gym rant 

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@brandon @klaatu Everything is in MY cloud now hehe, self hosted bitwarden and self hosted Firefox Sync Server 😊
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@SDF that sdf sticker is awesome. I want it so bad.

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@GrapeNutUnicorn I looked at their page and there’s too much trying to sell me in peertube. Can I just run a relay node or something similar? If I donate 50GB of space and a dedicated box, is that simple?

@raye thanks for the heads up. I miss out on this stuff because all of my internet presence is pretty well distributed or self hosted locally. I don’t have issues until those issues hit my local network or our internet goes out.

@y0x3y awesome. Congrats! Some of the tests are not great but I think overall htb is a net positive. Have fun!

@y0x3y you got an endpoint. Then you’ll have an encoded string, you unencode that, I think it gives you an address you can reach from console. Then that will give you a code. It’s easiest with curl but I am pretty sure the browser works. I have my students do it all the time.

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