“I like Microsoft Windows.” Last words spoken by Julius Caesar. True FOSS facts.

Supporting IBM Informix makes me feel like a sad Linux Wizard. Old. Grizzled. Sad. And my spellbook is full of legal speak and agreements.

@retro64XYZ never mind. Firefox just mistakenly used an out of date certificate so everything was blocked. Cool.

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I will be speaking to people about how Shodan.io can be used to conduct assessments and monitor for flaws in their infrastructure security. I think this will be my largest speaking event to date. Very excited.

Every one is upgrading and I am just sitting here waiting to run pacman -Syu... Is Arch still cool? Manjaro? Should I just do Gentoo?

There was a time when video games came with things. Today we do all digital or you are lucky to get a box if you buy a physical copy. But we used to have higher standards. Infocom called them “feelies”. Will we ever return to those days?


I am launching my Patreon. I have been doing talks and creating content for over two years. Time to try to monetize my efforts.

I will be teaching people about pirate box and terrorism next week. We are now including combat medicine, terror, and other topics in our cyber security talks. But also Linux. Come to PLUG AZ Chandler and learn how to mesh network and also how to apply a tourniquet.


1. Core 2 Duo is the pinnacle of processing.

2. ThinkPad aesthetic is laptop perfection.

3. Dreamcast.

4. All dogs go to heaven.

5. What you refer to as Linux is in fact GNU/Linux.

6. You are a valuable human being and should treat yourself like it.

7. Taking care of things and having respect is cool.

8. Be positive.

9. Drugs aren’t cool.

10. Getting educated is the best use of your time.

Absolute truths.

It’s Thinking...

The Sega Dreamcast was the pinnacle of console gaming. You cannot find a better method of playing games without moving to PC.

Proton by Valve for steam is very impressive. Thanks Gaben.

Can we have mini discs, zip drives, and jnco jeans back please? I saw a prototype zip disk for a Dreamcast in a magazine once. I wish I could have had that.

Ports for days. The T60 ThinkPad is the greatest laptop ever made. My laptop was released in 1999 and my Dreamcast was released in 1999. Technology stopped being good in 1999.

Time to see all the silly computer stuff today. Happy April 1st!

To be so afraid of people that you attempt to ban memes out of fear that free thought could destroy your plans to implement your destructive political policies means you should reconsider your choice in policy. Fix yourself Europe, you look terrible right now.

I will be discuss romance scams and assembly programming tonight at the phoenix linux users group. Live near Chandler AZ? You should come out! Will be presenting at the Desert Breeze Police substation.

Any one else wondering who the Haitian President plans to throw under the bus on human trafficking when he gets arrested/ousted? They captured a squad of heavies toting fully automatics. It’s gettin wild.

Thinkpad E485 incoming. 32gb ram. 2TB sshd. Ryzen 7. Should be an upgrade over my Thinkpad 11e with a celeron.

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