Thinkpad E485 incoming. 32gb ram. 2TB sshd. Ryzen 7. Should be an upgrade over my Thinkpad 11e with a celeron.

Ordered an E485 Thinkpad with an AMD Ryzen 7 chip. Been wanting one since they were announced. Purported battery life that is awesome and a large amount of grunt for processing. Upgrading from an 11E with two cores. Very excited.

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Today was the first day I had to fsck my (Linux) laptop 😱 Show more

Chapo is going to walk. 110% mad. I hope I am wrong.

I have never had a need to create a GUI for any of my python scripts and I am really interested in writing some kind of application that uses one. Maybe I need to program a game. Any one like pygame?

People are now being banned on twitter for saying learn to code. Half my career is teaching people to code. Learn to code.

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@Mr_Teatime @aral Do not agree about Linux choice is limited or more expensive. There's plenty of choice. My recent preinstalled Tuxedo laptop was only half of the price of a decent MacBook pro. I am switching slowly and so far I have been enjoying it.

I would like to take this moment to remind you that texting or otherwise being distracted while driving can end in tragedy. We lost a Salt River Police Officer after a man who was driving and texting struck him with his vehicle last night. Don't drive drunk. Don't drive distracted. You can ruin more than your own life with this kind of behavior.

With all the unrest in France, today is the first day I have ever thought “I wish I spoke and read French”. I really want to have a better grasp of this thing thats happening with the yellow vest guys.

Experimenting with the toot-cli application. Looks to be working.

The Japanese cyber security boss just admitted that he has never used a computer before and doesn’t know what USB is. Security by obscurity? Not for Japan. They practice Security by luditism.

Did you know your local police department is likely to have a web site where they feature cold cases? You can use open source tools and techniques to help bring closure for families across the US by looking into these missing persons cases. I do it regularly. Perhaps I need to write a tutorial. Everyday should be spent making a positive impact in your community.

The Mediterranean Vill Playhouse begins at $50,000 and can be customized for your child’s needs. Is this for drug dealers under the age of 10? Who is buying custom built multi story play houses for their children that cost as much as a regular house?

Does Gab and Mastodon share the same underlying technology? I don’t understand how Gab worked.

How do I crowdfund the return of the T-Mobile sidekick?

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SQLite has adopted a code of conduct.

My personal opinion is that this is a positive CoC and since it has existed for over 1500 years, I feel it is safe to say it has legs to stand on.

I am going to become a professional gamer but all I am going to stream is fishing in world of warcraft. I wonder if I can get a million subscribers off of that.

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