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Okay, peeps, I'm moving to @renatolond. So follow there to see new toots :)

Ei, galerinha, boas notícias!

Acabei de fazer umas mudanças no crossposter do Mastodon-Twitter. Tentei fazer cficar mais claro o que ele tá fazendo (se tá postando do masto pro twitter, ou na outra direção).

Melhorei também o jeito como ele posta do twitter pro mastodon. Agora vai postar mídia de lá aqui e postar os links normais, em vez dos reduzidos.

Me avisem de qualquer coisa estranha!

#mastodon #crossposter #birdsite #birbsite #portuguese #pt-br

Hey, good news, everyone!

I've just made some tweaks to the mastodon-twitter crossposter. I tried to make it more clear what's currently happening (if it's posting from masto to twitter or the other way around).

I also improved the posting from twitter to mastodon, now it will post media from twitter and also make links longer.

Keep me posted on weird behaviors!

#mastodon #crossposter #birdsite #birbsite

This is just a reminder that I'm moving to @renatolond, this account will stay mostly as an archive ;)
Follow over there! ➡

Okay, peeps, I'm moving to @renatolond. So follow there to see new toots :)

Weird issue with domain resolution for, can't wrap my head around it. 🤔

So, about last message, there's a brand new instance online: It's aimed at Brazilians (we still didn't had an instance!). So tell to that Brazilian friend of yours that now they have a place to go if they want generic instance ;)

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🇧🇷 Pessoas do aqui do , trago boas notícias!

Tá quentinho, no ar, o, o novo servidor Mastodon voltado pro público . As regras da instância são baseadas nas regras do Vai ter moderação ativa.

Tá na hora de convidar os amg brasileiro tudo pra cá :)

On the other hand, though, super fast delivery. I ordered yesterday in the morning and it arrived at some point during this afternoon (don't know exactly when because the post decided to just leave it there instead of ringing :P)

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That's why I should not operate heavy machinery before my first cup of coffee: ordered some of the limited edition jimmyjoy yesterday when I woke up. Or so I thought, just saw that I actually ordered the neutral flavored one instead 😒

politics, catalonia 

Wow, so shit's going down in Catalonia?
DotCat Registry Offices Raided by Spanish Police:

Oh, my! Only one week away from my Rio trip, got to start getting the stuff ready 😱

So I have everything ready for a new mastodon instance for Brazil, except the domain I wanted is in a weird process for being available for register, so I think I'll not be able to register the one I wanted :(
I have a backup plan, though, if the process doesn't end by tonight, I'll go ahead and use the backup plan instead :)

Hm. I'm noticing that a couple of Brazilian indie bands were pulled out of :(

After months seeing the sun for sooo long, it's so sad when autumn rolls in and nights go back to being as long (and then longer) than days :(

Full-Stack Developers:
"The term “full-stack developer” implies that a developer is equally adept at both frontend code and backend code, but I’ve never in my personal experience witnessed anyone who truly fits that description."

🎶 É tão fácil te gostar
Vira parte do viver
Se tu não se envaidecer
Prometo sempre lhe dizer 🎶

The thing about sad songs being your favorite kind of song is that when you want to be cute it's quite hard, and you have to go through your entire collection to find stuff that's not talking about endings or breakups :P

I was thinking on working from home today, under my blankets, but I have a meeting 😭

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