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Hello. I and I am a and I am the of stories and comics, and I am a fan of -games and and and that kind of stuff. I have a really smooth low voice and I love to do -acting for people! I really want to make with people. and this toot is to help people reach out to me and find me!

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This is a toot thread full of all my other mastodon accounts.

As it turns out, those stories you've heard about people giving large chunks of money to homeless people and those homeless people completely blowing it are deceptive to the point of being myths. The reverse, where they get back on their feet, is way more common.


Shit like “flat earth” and “chemtrails” are metaphorical expressions of alienation from a educational economy that huge chunks of the population have no access to. And that’s the tea.


Me when registering for websites: Ah, you need my email? Sure thing buddy!

Me on : Hm... DO I wanna just give my email to this site? Is this place reputable?

Remember kinetic typography? Whatever happened to that?

Wanna see a thing I worked on last year but didn't finish?

When I die I want my remains cremated and the ashes mixed with some sort of nerve agent, and to be mailed to a right wing politician in a letter bomb.

I wanna play (I'm lying. I don't wanna play but I wanna see) a WW2 game that doesn't take place in fucking Europe. Show me the Southeast Asia parts of the war, you fucking cowards.

Yesterday my friend asked me "What do you think we'll say about the Trump presidency in 30 years?"

I said "Nothing. We'll all be dead."

She laughed, then repeated the question with, "Assuming we're all still alive."

I said, "It's going well."

I watched Return of Jafar at least a thousand goddamn times and the original Aladdin maybe twice.

Be honest with yourself. As a child you liked the disney straight to video sequels way more than the theatrical release originals, by and large, didn't you?

you ever think about how The Lion King 2 isn't a ripoff of Kimba NOR Hamlet?

When leftists say "socialism" they mean "The Workers owning the means of production" and when the right says socialism they mean "Helping people who are going to die by the right's hand" and so the left says they want socialism and the right says they don't.

The rich want it to be compulsory to lick their boots, and illegal to get lead on them, and will do everything in their power to get lead into your saliva so that they can jail you and get your labor for free.

You're more likely to earn parole if you're both well behaved and don't generate very much profit for your for profit prison.

Boycott this game they already paid for by stopping playing it. There is literally no downside.

The best way to reduce toxicity in your community is to embrace SJW themes as hard as you possibly can because you make a couple of your characters gay and the worst people in your community will "boycott" it. Works every time.

Today in your inbox, that website that rehosts patreon exclusive content is now asking for donations to keep the servers up.

Meanwhile, that torrent piracy website that hosts big name AAA content mostly is still going strong and winning their legal battle.

The player character embraces the illusion of control, mindlessly going down their preprogrammed rounds and feeling like they actually accomplished something while doing the same repetetive tasks over and over, and feeling smug and satisfied about it.

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