Labor unions in California use a state environmental law to try to stop new construction unless they get a cut of the action. One developer is fighting back.

Kamala Harris has a new memoir touting her record as a "progressive prosecutor." It doesn't mention all the times her office defended prosecutorial misconduct

KDE helped NASA reach Mars and now we're helping James Cameron reach Pandora in the #Avatar sequels. Lisa Su of AMD shows off video effects software running on KDE Plasma. #CES2019

The profit incentives created by prohibition doom any effort to block the drug "pipeline" with a border wall (or anything else).

For those wanting to check out the live stream where they will reveal their new 7nm process product line at Starts at 9 AM PT

is about to lay down the gauntlet at showing off their new 7nm process. Anyone else exited about top tear cards for $250 with open source drivers and support?

'Competitive victimhood' or 'grievance jocking', listen to the insane experiences of two academics in #SocialStudies. #SJWs

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