Not somuch in pandemic times, but otherwise I *love* the idea of a roving convention on a train that just rolls around picking up and dropping off folks and otherwise everyone is on a train. (Obviously I'm thinking more of an unconference than a commercial thing like this but still the ideaโ€ฆ)

One of those realizations I should have had decades ago. 

* "Whom" Or, more formally, "with whom I share it".
* Don't capitalize "Is"
* 2 hours in the timeout corner for using 7 fonts in 13 words.

This page uses 800% cpu but lets you track locations on tectonic plates to see where in the world things were 20-750 million years ago.

Somewhere I picked up the hobby of looking up images posted by @oldroadside and seeing what the locations look like now. Glad to see this building in Sidney Nebraska is barely changed.

This is particularly helpful when they give you zero guidance about what characters are valid.

(It's 2020. If you don't let me enter 50 emoji for my password, then ๐Ÿ–•)

Cannot tell you how good this feels.

(I canceled several months back but they gave me 2 months 'free' so I let it coast. I thought the joy from being out-from-under would have worn off, but it hasn't. It's like remembering you're no longer with that horrible ex.)

Normally I'd laugh at how inaccurate this is. But this year it wouldn't surprise me if it was accurate.

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The only reason this isn't my retirement house is:
1) Not enough room for books.
2) Too many ladders.

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Spaceship factory in the year 2220.

(Or a flying boat factory in Belfast, Ireland, WWII.)

Get your shit together illustrators.

(Images are clip art of icebergs, where the part above water is as bigger than the part below, making them useless for illustrating your iceberg analogy.)

If you give me a knob to adjust your โ€œtargetedโ€ advertisements, Iโ€™m going to do my best to befuddle your recommendation system.

JFC this is awful.

No. They can't.

This is tech marketing buzzword homeopathy. People who say things like this are trying to take your money. People who believe things like this are in a cult.

Ah, the joy that happens when data meets software. (I swear ISBNs moved from 10 to 13 digits so they'd stop being interpreted as phone numbers.)

(No link. The story plus three dozen trackers, can be found on The Verge.)

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