My mom (who is not mentally great) pulled a story out of nowhere that none of us had heard before. On her wedding night, the mensfolk from town came over, broke in, stole all their candy and cigars, then made dad push mom down main street in a wheelbarrow while the guys sang bawdy songs. She called it a "sugaree" like this is a known, normal thing.

Investigating I found this and can't stop WTF?!ing.

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While I've heard of traditions to upset wedding nights, the things that struck me about this were 1) I grew up near where this happened and NEVER heard of it being a local thing. 2) Neither of my parents EVER mentioned it before to any of their kids!

It just seems like this should have been mentioned by someone sometime in the last 60 years. Maybe in reference to a more recent wedding?

@readsteven In Bavarian villages one still occasionally sees weddings where the local young men will break into the young couple’s home as the wedding is going on and remove the bed, or all clothing/kitchen equipment/etc.

The groom is the usually required to “buy back” the goods with barrels of beer.

I’ve never heard that being called Charivari, but that word is used in old Bavarian for mixed up, chaotic things or situations.

@tsturm A lot of Bavarians in the little towns where my dad grew up, I wonder if it was brought over and was something very local.

@readsteven Maybe the “breaking into people’s houses for fun” aspect fell out of fashion faster in the US than in small Bavarian villages.

@tsturm 😆 While my mom told me this all I could think was "Why didn't anyone call the cops?!" When I mentioned this to mom she said, "Oh, no. It was all in fun."

@readsteven I’ve heard of weddings as recent as the late 90s where the local boys took out everything (!) from the bedroom of the couple.

I’d be pissed off to no end if I would return to a bare bedroom, since you can imagine how careful a bunch of boozed up farm boys would have been clearing out.

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