Fediverse vs Twitter 

With the recent influx, it puts the cultural differences in contrast.

Folks fresh from Twitter tend to be very hype based (Lookit me on the summit of Mt. Awesome. I'd like you to have fomo, but in a good way! plz like & subscribe!)

Folks who have been here awhile tend to be very passion based. (Lookit this adorable bug I saw! Let me overwhelm you with bug information!)

In short, instead of things you want to be liked for, it's things you simply like.

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Fediverse vs Twitter cont. 

I know a lot of folks from Twitter hate giving up followers when they come here.

Who are those followers? I had 3K of them when I left Twitter. Maybe a dozen supported me in any meaningful way. (eg: New project announcements met dead air.)

Here, I have 200 followers, and new projects get much more interest!

It's like back when I did my reading podcast. I only had 100 regular listeners, but 20 of them worked in bookstores! Better than 100K who subbed but didn't care.

Fediverse vs Twitter cont. 

@readsteven This is one of the things I also enjoy about the #Fediverse — actual conversations about interests and likes, as opposed to algorithms and bots propagating manufactured anger and rage.

Fediverse vs Twitter cont. 

@readsteven So true. And - no pressure, really - I miss your podcast. 🥲

Fediverse vs Twitter cont. 

@tsturm Thank you, that means a lot!

It's not officially dead, just simmering. I plan for it to come back to life after we all get into the together house and income stabilized. 🤞

Fediverse vs Twitter cont. 

I didn't know you had a podcast.

I assume this is the one in question:

I'll have to check it out 😁

Fediverse vs Twitter cont. 

@2ck @tsturm That’s the one! It hasn’t had a new episode since… well, it has been. A long time, but I hope you like it.

re: Fediverse vs Twitter cont. 

@readsteven 1000% this.

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