Amazingly, on the same subject:

While has current attention for lol AI blog content, I seem to often find similar sites taking the million monkeys approach to SEO. For example, searching for "drive through grocery store" I got this madness as one of the first results...

Literally every single article on the site is mindless word salad.

@readsteven dear lord, do I wish shopping was like that image on the right.

@readsteven Intrigued by the idea of the last one for loading up pre-purchased groceries into the trunk. (ie: tweaking the curbside pickup model)

@Newpa_Hasai In the Midwest US there used to be a cultural tradition that grocery stores would carry the groceries to your car and put them in the trunk.

Covid put a quick stop to it. But now some of the stores will do order online, drive through and they'll put them in the trunk for you.

I was also recently reminded of old general stores where you handed the storekeeper your list and they'd go in the back and prepare your order then hand you your stuff all bagged/boxed.

@readsteven It looks as if it was written by a Portuguese AI, machine-translated from Portuguese into Hungarian, machine-translated again into English, then printed on to kitchen roll and OCRed in the dark.

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