Treat all commercial web sites, and anything that serves ads, like they're covered in polonium powder and fire ants.

They've been doing this for literally (literally literally) decades. Plus watching mouse cursor movements.

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@readsteven That sounds just like a conspiracy theory, but it isn't. These sites really are that toxic.

Fight back by ditching Chrome and using Firefox instead — just doing that will hinder tracking. But it's best to install the uBlock Origin extension, plus either Privacy Badger or Ghostery, plus Decentraleyes.


@readsteven Another thing that people can do is to use #firefox multi-account containers. These take a little setting-up, but the idea is to separate browser tabs from one another, as if you were using separate browsers. So you can log into Google in one tab, log into Quora in another, and do general browsing in a third tab, and Google and Quora won't see that you, the logged-on user, are the person doing all this other Web-browsing.


@markusl I'm not a fan of Ghostery. They have pretty tight ties to advertising networks.

Also run a pi-hole somewhere. Many of those protections are for desktop and don't take into account mobile browsing and in-app tracking.

@readsteven Excellent point. I use Pi-Hole, but getting it properly set up takes time, money and expertise.

Firefox and most of the extensions I've mentioned are available for Android. (Sorry, I don't know about other mobile platforms.)

For protecting non-browser apps on mobile, I use Blokada (which works even when I'm out). Alternatively, I've heard good things about TrackerControl.

@readsteven and sometimes, your browser already does that, but then it's a feature

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