Why search engines still index Pinterest is beyond my comprehension.

But I guess good for them for putting so much content at the end of cul-de-sacs behind their walls. They’re really winning the current internet. 🤷

@readsteven Yes, Pinterest is such an open-faced exploitation of search engine algorithms, it's not even funny anymore.

If I would pull a stunt like that on my own personal site, Google would shitcan my site forever after. But Pinterest has been doing this for years now.

@tsturm My only guess is that keeping Pinterest results around makes search look fuller, and it’s easier to parse than wherever the Pinterest pages stole the image from.

But it’s absolute garbage if you’re looking for a thing instead of pictures of that thing.

@readsteven It drives me batty. I sometimes add a "-pinterest" to searches in an effort to weed them out. And it's nothing but copyright violations as far as the eye can see.

@Rachel_Thorn I’ll use the “-“ tag if I have to but I shouldn’t have to. 90% of the results are to Pinterest and none of them link to what the Pinterest links stole from.

@readsteven I created my own search engine entry which removes Pinterest from the search results and made it the default:

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