Nobody wants your 3D virtual meetings.

Nobody wants your 2D meetings for that matter.

1D is even too much.

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It's probably overdue to write an explainer about why 3D navigation is fun for games (limited field of vision, visual obstacles, and navigation difficulty are critical game mechanics) but awful for meetings (limited field of vision, visual obstacles, and navigation are a problem, not a feature.)

This will always be true.

*adds it to the Writing To Do list*

Why I complaining about this today:

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Making immersive 3d virtual meetings is like trying to get somewhere by making a mechanical horse.

Just use a car or a train. It's a million times more simple and it works a million times better.

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@readsteven I keep on thinking how my work-related meetings are effectively conference calls with slides

@Newpa_Hasai I know several people who vastly prefer virtual meetings because it lets them tune out and do the thing they should be doing instead of attending the meeting.

Management may not like it, but it sounds like a feature to me. (Obviously not as good as making the meeting an email, but taking what we can get.)

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