Two great things about RSS readers:

1) Disconnects you from The Algorithm.

2) No comment thread arblegarble.

What you see isn't moderated by advertiser revenue, platform bias, or user outrage.

Seriously, get yourself one.

@readsteven too many sites don’t support rss though. Or do but do it poorly (looking at you anandtech and wikichip) :(

@readsteven the nasa photo of the day feed just does not work for me because it never shows the photo but I think that’s a Reeeder bug

@cinebox True, but many readers do a lot more than RSS feeds. Quite a few have become good content scrapers.

I scrape a number of local and state Twitter feeds because that's the most reliable place they post timely info. *heavy sigh*

The APOD Twitter account is scrapable, and has a number of mirrors in the Fediverse.

@readsteven ah nice. I’ve just been using the nasa app which has an apod widget


In the age of PayWallI have RSS. But big tech doesn't like the lack of control

@readsteven shameless self plug but a while back I wrote about how to set up a self-hosted RSS aggregator!

@readsteven I’ve been using NetNewsWire, really enjoying it so far.

@readsteven if you're on Android, try handy news reader

Full text articles, offline focussed, read it later pocket-like functions, FOSS

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